App Icons, Docking Music, and Spam Attack

Hey Folks! Bit of an unusual day today. No real dev work as I spent most of the day on biz admin emails, site spam defenses, and app icon design. Still, I think some good progress was made!

First of all, the spam attack. It looks like the seasonal spam botnet swarmed by early this morning, leaving a trail of senseless Korean spam links. Annoying to wake up to, of course, but thankfully not hard to clean up. Just a few clicks and the users and all their content was zapped. I recorded IPs, usernames, and some other choice info in my "spammer investigation black book" for future reference. And setup a few new content filters in my site's blacklist. Hopefully, they're gone for a while.

Josh's latest track arrived, and I spent some time listening and taking notes for him. This one's for the space game's docking sequence, and is meant to conjure feelings of warmth and safety after a long journey. We both think it's really close, and just needs some sounds cleaned-up for clarity.

There were the usual admin emails, as well. Replying to partnership inquiries (e.g. publishing, PR), web designer updates, some fan emails. That sort of thing.

And finally, app icons for iOS. I have some placeholders already that Tiago and I use for the game, but I'm thinking of upping my icon game a bit. Instead of the game logo, I'm thinking of using the player's sprite with some colorful clothes and equipment. This way, it's a clear pixel art character dressed in post apocalyptic fashion. It's eye-catching, obviously a game, retro, and concise/easy to understand. Users who are into games like that should be interested in looking further, and people who hate pixel art can move on :)

Unfortunately, there's something like 24 different icon sizes for iOS to account for all devices, screens, and OS versions. Sheesh! There are also tools and templates for auto-exporting icons from a single image, but with pixel art, this may not be ideal. Still wrestling with this.

That's all for now. Have a good night, all!


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Remember that Apple is picky about gun/violence related images on their stores - so for example your avatar wouldn't make the cut.

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Interesting. I'm not surprised to hear it. It makes sense if children are going to be browsing apps.

It does appear to be a case of inconsistent enforcement, though:

That said, I'm not too worried about the icon I'm doing. No guns nor violence.

The screenshots, though, I'm not sure about. Particularly, the wounds screenshot. I think the rest are pretty tame.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games