Slow Start, But Back On Track

Hey Folks! Had a bit of a rough start this morning, but I think I'm gaining momentum again.

This morning was a terrible slog through mismatched Haxe libraries, compiler errors, and other issues. As usual, the tinkering I did in my library versions to make one project work (encounter editor) completely broke my other projects.

Incidentally, Tiago setup some batch scripts to help change libraries to and from what the project needs for just this reason. However, in the process of using them, I discovered a bug. Missing files, actually. For some reason, the GitLab repository was missing all .exe files from the Flixel and OpenFL libs. And that caused compile issues on my Windows (i.e. main dev) machine.

Fortunately, once I figured that out, it was an easy fix. I had the .exes in my downloaded lib folders from before, and could just copy them over. But Tiago's going to look into why the GitLab repo just ignored them during his check-in.

With that out of the way, I was back on the path to bug fixing. And I actually knocked off some pretty tricky bugs!

First, I had to (re)fix a bug in our old version of Flixel that caused the console debugger to disable keyboard if the game lost focus. Modern Flixel has this fixed, but we're using an older one for compatibility (and stability) reasons.

I also fixed a bug that caused a null pointer error when trying to use certain items' context menu. Basically, any item with mode changes would crash the game if you opened the context menu for it, closed inventory, and opened it again. Nasty!

And while fixing that, I noticed a related bug. The item popup peek would be empty if the inventory was closed while the popup was open, and then the user tried to view the item peek again. Not too hard to fix, but hard to find.

There's one more peek bug, too. Hardware items and their hidden contents when locked/off. Now that we use sprite atlases, this is broken until we rewrite it for atlases (instead of the old bitmap blitting code). Might be trickier, but at least we know the cause of this bug!

Not a bad day, considering the rough start. Hopefully, tomorrow continues the trend of more progress!