Encounter Editor Dead, But Not Dead Weight

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their (long?) weekend. We visited with some friends, Skyped with family, and generally enjoyed decompressing from the normal life stresses for a few days.

Unfortunately, I had to pronounce the NEO Scavenger Encounter Editor dead this morning. At least for now. After a bit more debugging, it seemed to be failing in ways that I could barely see, let alone fix. And what's worse, I discovered that the old (slow-but-functional) Flash binary I was using wasn't actually working, either. It was correctly loading and displaying the network of encounters, but when it saved the data, it corrupted special characters. This, in addition to the extremely slow writing process issue, pretty much killed the editor revamp as a viable task.

However, all was not lost.

As mentioned above, it did still show the data, even if it couldn't save it. And for encounters, that's a big help. Using the standard database editing UI, I could make any changes I needed to and re-export the XMLs for mobile. So in fact, I could still use the editor, just as a viewer.

And that I did! After a few hours of cross-checking and nudging data around, plus a few new marker conditions, I think I've got the first wave of achievements all done. All that remains for those now is to test on iOS and Android.

There is also a second wave of achievements, but they're a bit more tricky to check for. Instead of simple "has condition?" tests, they may require some more involved calculations such as passage of time combined with conditions. And an even harder third wave may require comparing data between games. But, it seems pretty doable, so I'm not worried yet.

Tiago reported in, and he had a pretty low progress week, too. What work he did manage to do was entirely sunk into memory leaks. And worse, he thinks this week may be slim on available time, too. However, we're hoping to both be back on track soon and "firing on all cylinders," as they say.

That's all for now. Have a good one, all!