Editor Fix Progress, New Space Track, and OOO

Hey Folks! Not a lot to show today, unfortunately. Still working on encounter editor issues. But I did get some cool stuff from Josh to review.

One of the tracks Josh has been working on for the space game has been a "take off" track. It fits the bill nicely, with a build-up leading to a vast, empty heartbeat style Great for setting the tone of a potentially deadly flight :)

I'm not sure yet if I will always play this track for take-off, but there are space games I really enjoyed that do take-off and docking tracks. Assuming it doesn't get repeated too frequently, I'll be trying the same. If repetition does become an issue, there are some tricks I'm sure we can try (easiest maybe to have a couple to cycle through). But this gets us rolling for the time being.

For the encounter editor, I decided to take another dive into the code. This time, I made some progress in narrowing down the problem. My encounter nodes are absolutely killing memory. The app thinks it's only using tens of MB, but according to Windows, it's inflating 100s of MB each second, capping at 1.8GB before crashing. So obviously something is amiss.

I've hacked apart my code and tested a bunch of stuff, and I know roughly where to look. But the feedback from the app doesn't help any more. So I've downloaded hxScout to see if I can tell more.

hxScout is a telemetry app for Haxe, and it can report things like framerate, memory use, garbage collection, etc. Useful stuff for memory debugging, and highly pertinent to the mobile memory leak stuff we're now looking at anyway (Tiago's using it as well for his bug). So getting this working was useful in a few regards.

It took some doing to get it running, though. In true Haxe fashion, I had to download and juggle my libs to get the right combo of versions such that every dependency worked. (Now I remember why I switched to Unity for the space game!) However, it's now working. As of this post, I have hxScout showing me useful callstack info, function processing times, and wild numbers of strings and arrays I'm instantiating.

I think I can use this to make a plan of attack for shoring-up the editor.

However, it's the end of the day. And what's more, the end of the week, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So I'll be out of the office until Monday. If you're into the turkey thing, enjoy the holiday! And if not, have a good weekend!