Bug Slaying

Hey Folks! Pretty standard bug-fixing day today. Trudging through the bug list a bit faster than we're finding new ones, so we're still on track.

Some of today's fixes include fixing redundant campsite log spam when autosave is turned on. The unsocketing/socketing of campsites was causing noise trap and other status messages to repeat each turn, which isn't very useful.

I also fixed a bug that caused the player to move if they clicked the slide-out tray I added. Simple to fix, but I didn't think of it until the bug showed up.

The unlicensed power tap stopped working, and it turned out to be a sign error in a loop for negative charge profiles (i.e. profiles that add charges per use, instead of removing). Again, simple fix, hard to find.

Finally, I updated the 1024x768 main menu and options UI to be a bit cleaner, as the mobile port had moved things around a bit.

Meanwhile, Tiago's fighting a bigger bug: memory leaks. There is still a slight leak in the game, especially battles, so he's been testing and tweaking that code. On the up side, he's discovered the joys of some handy debug commands, such as spawning a laser rifle :) (Though, my latest favorite is hitting the "K" key to cripple both arms on the current target in battle. What can I say, I'm a cruel game master.)

Anyway, progress is continuing there. Hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Monday!