Weird loot bug

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Weird loot bug

i just started a new save and everything i loot is at 100% durability i dont have any mods or anything either.

Seriously? :) I know some folks that would call this a feature, I guess. ;)

I can't say I remember a bug like this before. Does it persist after restart?

If it does, and since this is clearly the equivalent of some wires getting crossed in the middle of a huge mess of wires somewhere, my go-to solution would be simple: Uninstall, clear everything out, reinstall. I'd probably also tick Autosave off in the options just in case. It can cause some odd bugs sometimes.

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it was only fun for a little while then i started a new game and it persisted so i uninstalled and it went away.

Interesting, that's a new bug to me, as well!

Did you ever have any mods installed in the past? It sounds like one of the data files got edited or corrupted if reinstalling helped. Though if it was the latter, there could've been other invisible bugs happening, too.

Oh, and when you say you started a new game and it persisted (before reinstalling), did you quit to the menu and start a new game, or exit the app and restart the app?

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first i exited to main menu and started a new game but because it persisted i reinstalled. I have not had any mods installed nor have i tried to install mods earlier.

This bug reappeared today it was only on one building and i haven't seen it since but i thought it was worth mentioning,