Does GPS work in its discover nearby hexes and scavenge tiles part?

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Does GPS work in its discover nearby hexes and scavenge tiles part?

I can't get how GPS works, these days. Old days, i remember using it no problem to reveal more scavengeable hexes. Now, it doesn't reveal any.

Using unlocked smartphone, plenty charges (~200), used GPS over a dozen times, every time doing that "discover nearby hexes and scavenge tiles" command. It then tells me the usual message about sattelies, and after i click "confirm", a line appears in the log, saying "discovered X hexes", where "X" is a number (varies within some 4...13 range per each use).

Thing is, i don't see what i "discovered" at all.

The character does not have Hacking skill; is the skill actually required to actually get results from this (main) part of GPS program?

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I completely cleared an area out in a radius of 4 hexes around me, so big space all around with no scavenge locations available.

Then i used the gps several times without ending the turn (thanks to mods, aka DevKit)

I had binoculars on and it was full daylight so i could see into the forest as well.

here is what i've discovered: It does add new scavenge locations...

1) but you have to move (or perhaps lose sight of the new scavenge location?) before it shows up.
2) these locations seem to appear over a very large radius that very well may be beyond your sight.

so it works, but i don't see myself using it in light of this new info. considering that large radius means those new locations might not appear anywhere near enough to you or anyway that you'll find them...when you can just travel to a new area...

so it needs work in my opinion. which i'll suggest

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.

I had the same issue with the hexes. It said "discovered 4 hexes" every time. Perhaps, the problem is in the radius of the location. It may not be still visible, though it says you can see them. But I guess it may be the bug in my case. 4 every time. isn't that weird?
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4 everytime is weird. possibly a mod broke it?

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.