Suggestion: Collect Water when it's raining

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Suggestion: Collect Water when it's raining

So I was dying of dehydration while it rained, and it suddenly donned on me. Why isn't there an option of collecting water when it rains? You can use plastic bags to collect the wonderful H2O that drops on the ground and put it into water bottles. Of course, to offset the positive, let there be a small chance of parasites or viruses in the rain (considering it's an apocalyptic world).

Of course, if there is an option to do that, just ignore me. I just haven't found it yet!

I think this is a darned good idea, one I've had many times before. The tarp shelter that players use in camps is perfect for catching water as well as providing shelter.

A small hole in the tarp, combined with a plastic bag (to make a seal) and an empty bottle, should produce a small amount of possibly dirty water over time. This would be another benefit to player camps.

I wouldn't even bother changing the graphic of the tarp shelter, it's gonna look exactly the same before or after you punch a small hole in it.

I wonder if the system behind Neo Scavenger can handle adding items to hexes which contain specific equipment over a set period of time.

Request for new items:
Tarp shelter+ plastic bag+ string+ multitool = Water catching tarp sheler (Caveat- Hex must also contain an empty bottle to catch the water in, although I imagine the system will simply deposit the water onto the hex's "ground" slot rather than directly into the bottle)

Tarp+ plastic bag+ string + multitool+ empty bottle = Mobile / Packageable water catcher. (The graphic of the folded up water catcher would look exactly like a folded tarp. The unpacked water catcher would simply look like a large tarp with a hole in the middle). The purpose of the mobile water catcher is to provide a small amount of water while scavenging or resting. The "resting" part is mainly my reason for suggesting it, as I like the idea of a well prepared scavenger having access to a SMALL water source without having to hit the scavenge button. A small amount of water may be collected during a rest cycle. Preparation beats random chance, right?

Or metal barrels could be added to the game (I don't even know if they have been) and they could collect the water. :D

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Depending on the downpour, most container of a barrel-size would get little water only by itself. Not enough to justify a droplet in my opinion. However, by adding a funnel, you can get loads of water. To make a funnel, you would need a medium waterproof sheet, something sharp to cut it with (hole), and a (or more) medium shaft(s) to keep the edges raised higher than the container.

I think that you have a good idea by adding larger containers of different sorts. They could be large and heavy. Too large for a backpack, but they could fit in a vehicle. That way, you don't want to go water-collecting or scavenging with a container. But you could collect water in small containers (bottles) and then boil and store it in the large container in your camp.

Agreed, more water collection options would be worth adding, and is on my list. Both via collecting rainwater and other methods (e.g. solar stills).

This is something I consider to be "more craftable items" for now, so it's a few pegs down the priority list, after current plot work. However, I definitely agree it would make things more realistic!

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I agree with this also.