Reddit AMA

Hey Folks!

I've teamed up with some other indie and open source devs for a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything):

We are the game developers of Anodyne, Defender's Quest, Incredipede, and NEO Scavenger, and the developers of open-source game tools Haxe/OpenFL. Ask Us Anything.

If you're interested, swing on by!

Update: AMA is Mostly Done Now

Well, it was a pretty successful AMA, if you ask me. A couple hundred comments, lots of exposure for both games and open source tools, and even a boost in bundle sales. A pretty good day!

Pretty exhausting, too. It's funny, but sitting and typing answers to questions actually took quite a bit of energy. I guess it's the constant "on" state of the brain or something. Always searching memory, tabbing into different screens, referencing stuff, and trying to put it all together into comprehensive answers. I guess it was kinda like being at a conference booth.

Anyway, most of the day was spent fielding questions, and coordinating with the other devs.

I did manage to sneak in two small changes today, though.

First, I found and fixed a null pointer bug in the new volume control stuff I added yesterday. There was a case where volume was being adjusted before the music object was initialized.

The second change was something I meant to do much sooner, but forgot until today. Namely, some sort of contextual clue when the player goes from sleeping into combat. A lot of folks get confused when this happens, claiming that combat happens "at random."

Now, when the player is sleeping and a creature approaches, there will first be an encuonter screen that says, "Something approaches as you slumber!" with a question mark creature icon. Then, combat starts, with the same question mark icon where the target creature is.

I'm hoping that this smooths the otherwise jarring transition from sleep into combat, making what happened a bit clearer.

Tomorrow, it's back to the grindstone. Have a good night, all!