New Beta Build, and New Order Process

I just finished uploading beta build 0.930b, which includes a few fixes and improvements. But first, I want to mention a change to the order process.

New Order Process

A few customers have expressed concerns about having to enter phone and address info in the order process, particularly when using PayPal. I checked with my payment provider, FastSpring, and they were able to help me change the process to require less info.

When placing an order now (for either the game, or for votes), you'll be taken to a product detail page. From there, you click to the payment selection page, where you can choose credit card or PayPal. If you choose PayPal, it will no longer require phone nor address info. Instead, it will take you to to login and confirm the purchase.

For the credit card option, the phone requirement has been removed. (Address info, obviously, must remain for card validation purposes).

Hopefully, this should alleviate some concerns about having to provide the extra personal information. Thanks for the feedback, and let me know if there's anything else I can do!

Beta Build 0.930b

Today's beta build includes a change to the way the inventory screen works. Now, when clicking with the take/drop cursor, items will prefer being stored at the top-level of a container, rather than inside a sub-container. The old sub-container method was causing a lot of extra clicking for users when doing inventory management, so hopefully this way should make things smoother. Sub-containers will still be used if the top-level container is full (or invalid, as in the case of water inside a backpack), and it'll choose the first sub-container it finds, left-to-right, top-to-bottom in the outer container.

I also fixed a bug in save/load which caused conditions like injuries to be stuck even after healing. Loading an old save game may still work, though you might have to re-heal any leftover wounds. However, being an old save game, there may be weirdness in the data, particularly if you had the "Tough" ability chosen.

I also added a reverse tarp shelter recipe, to allow players to break-down the shelter into parts again for easy transport.

That's it for tonight! Have a good one, and see you tomorrow!