• Leaderboards, and False Performance Bug

    Hey Folks! Been quietly working on some more code the past couple of days. I managed to carve out almost a day and a half of coding to work on the remaining leaderboards for mobile.

    It was fairly straightforward stuff. I needed a few bits of info from Tiago, but most of the lifting was formatting the data to the (sometimes different) types needed by Google and Apple. That, and setting

  • NEO Scavengers: Tell Me Your Stories!

    Hey Folks! As many of you know, I'll be launching the iOS and Android versions of NEO Scavenger soon. And along with it, a new and improved NEO Scavenger trailer!

    However, I need your help.

    We're planning to showcase some "NEO Scavenger moments" during the trailer, describing some of the more dramatic, funny, or even confusing

  • New Shipbuilding Track, Web Update, Trailer Prep, and Taxes

    Hey Folks! The parade of management tasks continues today. And despite getting to work a bright and early 1.5 hours early (thanks baby daughter!), I still managed to go a complete day without being caught-up.

    Josh's latest shipbuilding track was one of the first things on the list. He sent it Monday, but I only got around to really giving it some time today. I try to listen to each

  • Trailer, Mobile, and Web Work Continue

    Hey Folks! Still a whirlwind of activity here as three of my projects converge.

    I was finally able to review the demo website in more detail, and provided a list of feedback and bugs for the developers. And while I was poking around, I tried to figure out how to make edits in the various parts of the new content management system (CMS). I was starting to get pretty frustrated/

  • NEO Scavenger -75% at!

    Good news, everyone! NEO Scavenger's on sale at, and it's the biggest discount yet!

    Time to spring-clean that wallet!

    For the next 5 days (plus some bonus hours), NEO Scavenger is available at the lowest price since plastic bags were sanctioned by the US Government. So if you still haven't picked up

  • I Did It! I Did Actual Gamedev Today!

    Like, in a code editor and photoshop, with debugger and config files and everything!

    Actually, let me back up and apologize for yesterday's lapse in blog posts. Something I ate Wednesday decided that night it wanted to be un-eaten, and spent the next 16 hours in a staring contest with me. After a day-long diet of almost only water, it finally won, and I was able to start eating

  • Rapid-Fire Management

    Hey Folks! Today was a whirlwind of activity, as more management tasks came to important junctures.

    First of all, I saw the new website! Like, the actual living, breathing new site. And it looks pretty good!

    It's still Blue Bottle Games. And it still has pretty much the same pages and structure. But it's been streamlined a bit, polished, and a few areas reorganized,

  • Website Preview? And More Biz Admin

    Hey Folks! Another busy day of phoning, emailing, and accounting. I finally started digging into tax documents for 2016, and it's going to be another "fun" year :)

    In more exciting news, Josh (video trailer Josh) may have found our first official bug! I'm not counting the billions of bugs Tiago and I found during internal testing, of course. It appears his iPhone 6

  • Email Frenzy

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I apologize for the missed news post on Friday. We took possession of our new home, and well, if you've ever bought a home before, you know firsthand what kind of blast radius that has on your schedule :) Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.

    When I wasn't hauling garbage, cleaning, or stuck in

  • Memory Lane

    Hey Folks! Despite not touching an ounce of code today, it actually felt pretty productive. Not having errands really helped :)

    First order of business was to get trailer inspiration and materials together for Josh to digest. Since a live action establishing shot is on the table, I collected some of the old cosplay photos as well as the PAX East photos, for reference. I also started