• Happy Holidays!

    Hey Folks! Short news today, as I have to head out to meet the fam. Mostly tax and accounting stuff today, anyway. I did manage to get more done on saving/loading, but there's still a bit to go. Basically, almost to the point where it'll compile, then the real fun begins :)

    More importantly, the holidays are here! I'll be home over the next 1-2 weeks, but not working, so

  • Saving Works! Now to Load It Again...

    Hey Folks! Got the save system working today, and have written out my first few save files successfully. They're doozies, too. 700kB of text data just for that cramped ship layout you see above with two crew members. Lots of stuff to save, I guess. Star system info, every object in the game, the ships, waypoints, message logs...the works. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out

  • Json json json json beans json...

    Hey Folks! Sorry in advance for the less exciting post today. I actually did quite a bit of coding, even going as far as closing email and other non-essential apps to focus. But it's not anything to look at, really, unless you like data.

    Json data, that is :)

    To-date, all of the data in the game is already stored in Json format, so this isn't anything new. And for those

  • Air Pumps, Backups, and Save Files

    Hey Folks! More clean-up and prep today, plus a bit of investigation into what will probably be the next big task: saving game state.

    After yesterday's performance housekeeping, the game was a bit more usable with large ships loaded. And one of the finishing touches to that change was to fix the camera panning to be independent of frame rate. A large part of what alerted me to the

  • Performance Housekeeping

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Fairly low-key, here. What spare time I had I squeezed in some Stellaris, where I finally managed to have a competent empire. My usual "nice guy" empires always failed/were defeated, so this one's pretty cutthroat :)

    Back at the office, I figured out why that O2 amount was so wonky after playing with the canister pre-filled

  • Resupply Is Go

    Hey Folks! I think I've got the station resupply UI just about working. There seems to be a weird calculation error in O2 levels, but apart from that, I successfully resupplied today!

    After a few early tests, one of the first things I did was to fix the docking system sprites. They had a long-standing bug that caused crew to disappear under them when passing through, and that made

  • Refueling Code, O2 Canisters, pV = nRT

    Hey Folks! I've gotta say, this refueling thing sort of side swiped me. I was sort of picturing it as being a really simple, almost throwaway piece of code to bridge the gap until I came back to it later. But it turns out to have quite a few tricky (or at least non-trivial) parts to it.

    With the UI mockup done yesterday, I started writing code to handle all of the dynamic data. So

  • Spreadsheets!

    Hey Folks! I think I've narrowed down the short term goal list to two things: refueling the ship at a station, and some sort of encounter system. And since the former is probably quicker to do, it's spreadsheet time!

    What you see above is an in-game UI I mocked-up in Unity to cover the ship refueling and restocking operations at a station. Similar to the air traffic control UI

  • PR Planning, Stations, and Performance

    Hey Folks! Sort of a mixed bag today, as I tackled a few tasks of different colors.

    First order of business was chatting with Fernando Rizo, who's been helping me prepare to announce this space prototype more officially. Originally, we were talking about trying to get on some publications' radars for 2018 lists, but since this is likely going to be the first official

  • AI UI: Improved Edition

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I apologize for the lack of a post on Friday. Our fridge bit the big one Thursday night/Friday morning, and we were scrambling to get the house back in order. Fortunately, we have temperature controlled food again, and no longer have to store our perishables in the cold wilderness like savages.

    A lot of today was spent catching-up on emails