• Orbit Plotter Upgrade & Fixes

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was unfortunately saddled with a sick toddler, which meant bunkering down, and doing our best to keep her discomfort down. That, and some exciting housecleaning! We have grandparents incoming in t-minus 48 hours :)

    Back at the office, I resumed work on my list of creature comforts from last week. And one of the big things there was

  • Course Plotter Refinement, and More Website Woes

    Hey Folks! Sorry about the website shenanigans last night and this morning. Our favorite spammer was back, and I had to do a bit more fine-tuning to keep back the flood of auto-generated accounts/posts. Which unfortunately reduced productivity today, but oh well. "Them's the breaks," as they say.

    I did manage to get a few items from yesterday's list done, however.

  • Test Voyage, and Website Issues

    Hey Folks! I apologize for the down time this morning. The website was under a pretty heavy load from spambots, and I had to call in the cavalry to help break the attack. I think things are getting back under control now. It just unfortunately cratered the morning's productivity.

    Back in gamedev land, I decided to take a test ship for a spin from Tharsis Landing (MTRS) on Mars

  • Actually, Cloning Works!

    Good news, everyone! It seems cloning might actually work after all. While there was definitely a bug in there, it might've been smaller than originally thought.

    I dove into the code today, and ship cloning was first on the block. I started tracing the code that loads save files, initializes ships, and sets up the system, and noticed a peculiar thing. There was already code in

  • Art Briefing, Pallas, and Titan

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. The little one had a birthday party to attend, so it was a social weekend for us. Plus, milder weather meant yard work!

    Back at the office, today was pretty much all email and admin. Some quick financial heartbeat checks in the morning, and then I was off working on an assignment briefing for the art contractor I mentioned last week. As

  • Loading Snag, Fixes, Art Help, and OOO

    Hey Folks! Bit of a mixed bag today, split between fixing some smaller bugs, discovering an iceberg of a bug, and looking for artists.

    Most of the morning was spent looking at artists, for a change. I'm still toying with the idea of contracting an artist to help with that side of things. The art style I have in mind is fairly close to what you see already, but I think it could be

  • We're Loaded!

    Hey Folks! I think loading is mostly working now.

    Today's screenshot shows a sample game I loaded from a json file generated in an earlier session. Notable features include:

    The player ship is the tiny room with a chair at the bottom of the screen. The currently docked station is the larger layout of rooms and corridors above. (MTRS station) All ship and station parts are
  • Loading...

    Hey Folks! More work on the loader today. As you can see from today's screenshot :)

    It's coming along, but not without some expected speed bumps. I wasted a good hour or two on LitJson again, debugging its cryptic error messages. In the end, it turned out I had two issues.

    First, my last names data was a different structure than the rest of my data (flat array vs. the

  • Load/Save Compiling, Main Menu

    Hey Folks! Finally got a chance to dive into some code today. And as you can see from the image above, I did a bit of main menu prototyping.

    First, however, I had to fix-up the remaining compiler errors. And that meant figuring out where I left off before vacation. Fortunately, I kept pretty good notes, so it wasn't too bad to reorient myself. My main goal before break was to get

  • Welcome Back!

    Happy 2018, Folks! After two weeks of (mostly) trying to stay away from work, I think I'm pretty well recharged and ready to get back to business.

    Unfortunately, those two weeks of absence meant a lot of email and admin tasks piled up. So that's where today started. Getting various federal tax forms collected and sent, paying business license taxes, catching up on emails and