• Email Migration! And iPhone Success Continues

    Hey Folks! Not a lot of gamedev done today (by me, anyway). Most of the day was spent on two things: office setup and email migration.

    Email migration is getting my email systems moved to a new service. Gone are the days of my old email/name/web server as I migrate each to a modern, specialized server. So today was pulling hundreds of MB of mail from the old servers to the new one,

  • iPhone Fixed? And New Office Shelves

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was crammed full of everything from house repairs to meals with family, and it feels like we've been on our feet since Friday. Work was almost a bit of a break!

    But not too much of one :)

    After squaring away several emails, bills, and the like, it was time to look further into that iPhone rendering issue we've been

  • Short Day, and OOO (Sort of) Monday

    Hey Folks! Just a brief update today as I had to cut things short to prep for some house guests.

    I did a bit of research on social login providers today, after layarion made the excellent suggestion to allow Steam and certain other providers to log into this site. Especially with the mobile release coming up, having to create a new account here for a mobile bug is probably more than

  • Tutorials In, New Website Update

    Hey Folks! The new tutorials were uploaded today, and the new website was also on today's plate.

    Tutorials were finally checked-in today, as I finished up the reset button for them. I decided to add it to the Help screen since that seemed more logical than Options. More room there, too.

    That, however, didn't stop me from rearranging a few things on the Options screen.

  • iPhone Woes, Tutorials Done!

    Hey Folks! Another busy day today, so that's cause to celebrate. Though a good chunk of that work was puzzling through iPhone weirdness.

    Just when we thought we had the new iPhone high-DPI screens figured, they're wonky on two of our testers' devices. The screen the game engine sees is different size than the actual screen. Like, we're scaling up 2x when we should be

  • iPhone Testing, Tutorial Making

    Hey Folks! iPhone testing is in full stride today, and tutorials are making progress.

    The recent batch of iPhone testers are sending in results now, and we're already finding issues. Worse than the scaling we feared, some are completely unable to start the game due to unresponsive buttons.

    So far, the culprit might be a UI resizing event missing from the various game states

  • BBG Office Setup, 2nd Attempt

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was not the most relaxing, as we spent it scrubbing, scraping, painting, cleaning, and generally continuing our move-in. I've been trying to leave business hours for work, so that leaves evenings (ha! as if I have the energy) and weekends to continue unpacking and arranging.

    I'm sore all over from what amounts to Cinderella-

  • Visitor Yesterday, and Tutorials

    Hey Folks! I apologize for the radio silence yesterday. An old friend was in town and came by to visit, so we were catching-up and ogling over retro consoles and Japanese stationery downtown :)

    Back at the desk today, I resumed work on the tutorial. So far, it's going well. I have the overall system working. It covers the screen and halts input to the UI behind it, and will

  • UI Fixes, and Tutorials

    Hey Folks! Back to gamedev today, thankfully. I managed to clear several UI fixes and improvements, confer with Tiago on some more, and get started on a tutorial.

    The UI fixes were largely things Kaaven recommended after spending some time with the app. As someone who helped shaped the original UI with his suggestions, I was keen to see what he thought. And so far, some really good (if

  • Meatworld Interruptions

    Hey Folks! As the title suggests, today was full of interruptions, resulting in a lower productivity. The good news, however, is that I think my plate is mostly clear again to resume gamedev now!

    I won't bore you with the details, but most of the stuff involved updating accounts, paying bills, and signing docs. Stuff we had put on hold starting the day we packed up our stuff until