• Conditions Logging, Swiping Fixes, Minimaps, and Databases

    Hey Folks! The final stretch continues, with a cluster of mobile fixes and some website database work.

    The mobile version had a regression bug that causes certain conditions not to be reported. This turned out to be a problem with any permanent (i.e. fire-and-forget) conditions, like "Player ate white pill." Since they leave no trace on the creature, the game assumed they didn

  • T-Minus...

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was a whirlwind of travel and carousing, oddly resulting in a feeling of refreshedness. It felt good to get out, cut loose, and not be home! Now it's time to cocoon for a few months :)

    Today involved a lot of emailing and a bit of webdev...because it's quite likely the new site will launch at the end of the week!


  • Testing Mobile Swiping, and OOO

    Hey Folks! Tiago uploaded the latest build this morning, which included his swiping controls. So a good chunk of the day was spent testing and logging issues for it.

    Overall, it's a major step forward for mobile UX. It adds the ability to use swipe to switch pages on crafting ingredients and quick recipes, as well as attack modes. Previously, one had to tap buttons to do these

  • App Rating, Musical Themes, and the Final Stretch?

    Hey Folks! Sorry for the missed post yesterday. I got wrapped-up in a long email to Josh about the next track, and pretty much sent it minutes before I needed to head off with the fam to run some errands.

    The email was regarding his next composition, which I'm thinking might be the game's main menu theme. And in a broader sense, a chance to apply a motif that acts as a musical

  • Advanced Rendering, and OOO Monday

    Hey Folks! I did some more experimenting with the orbital plotter today, and delved into Unity's more advanced rendering features.

    The biggest change was in the way the orbital plotter was rendered. Previously, it drew vector lines directly onto a GUI canvas. This was simple, and fairly powerful, but it made things a bit hard when it came to mixed UI elements (e.g. a truetype font

  • Orbital Layout, Music

    Hey Folks! Almost a whole day of dev, today! I had a few admin tasks this morning when I got started, but after that, I spent the whole day on the orbital plotter.

    I think I've finally managed to tame the plotter. Up until now, I've half been learning how to use Vectrosity to render vector art, and half trying to get accurate orbits plotted. As of today, I think I've got

  • Loose Web and Music Ends

    Hey Folks! More webdev and some music work today. And a teensy bit of orbital doodling.

    The webdev was just finishing up the download changes I made yesterday, and testing. I had to make sure each user type on the site had access to the right things (e.g. Yukon edition, normal edition, registered, and anonymous users). And there are still some legacy file folders I need to work out with

  • Bug Wrap-Up, and Webdev

    Hey Folks! Split time pretty evenly today between webdev, mobile, and the space prototype.

    The space prototyping was more experimenting with the orbital plotter and rendering. Now that I've got accurate orbital tracks, I'm working on the bodies themselves, and some markers for the plotter.

    The markers are things like grid lines, and maybe tick marks. I started out by

  • Final Testing, and Some Orbital Experiments

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was gorgeous here this weekend, and we took every opportunity to enjoy the weather. It almost felt like a vacation!

    Back at the office, I had to do a little bit of admin work to catch-up, then see about to final tests on NEO Scavenger mobile. Our main bug is seemingly solved, and we're just waiting to see if any esoteric iOS devices

  • Mobile Rendering Fixed? For Good?

    Good news, everyone! It looks like Tiago was able to finally squash the rendering bug in mobile!

    His latest change successfully detects the device type, and enables or disables High DPI rendering mode accordingly. And so far, all testing points towards a success! His iPad 2, my iPad3, and several iPhone models are all showing correct behavior, and no crashes now.

    Plus, as an