• NEO Scavenger iOS/Android v1.2.2 Released!

    Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger mobile has just been updated to v1.2.2 (build 4400). Builds are available immediately on Android, and should be available soon on iOS pending Apple approval.

    The following updates are included in the patch:

    Changed the sleeping bag makeshift sack recipe to be reversible. Fixed degrading items leaving stuck conditions on player. (E.g. shopping cart "
  • Android Testing, and New Space Music!

    Hey Folks! A bit less productive today, at least in terms of coding. But still some interesting developments!

    First, I finally was able to build and deploy a debug build directly to my Android phone! Technically, I've done this a long time ago, but not since the game was just starting the porting process. Tiago usually handles the builds, and then shares them with me. This was my

  • Mobile Bug Fixing Bonanza

    Hey Folks! I was fortunately able to do a bunch of coding today, and that means bug fixes!

    Initially, things started a bit slow, as the desktop debug version I usually use had a few cobwebs to clear. For one thing, the game wouldn't respond to mouse clicks at all. Buttons would highlight correctly, but no clicks would register (except in rare cases). It turns out this was due to

  • Back To Work, Bugs, and Admin

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week(ish) while I was away. I hung out with the fam, ate a bunch of things that were unhealthy, and even had some days where I didn't stress out about the mobile launch! But it's back to work now, so stressing can resume :)

    First up, though, is digging myself out of inbox debt. Multiple inboxes and messaging systems piled-up while I was away

  • Mobile Patch Fixes, and Out-of-Office for a Week(ish)

    Hey Folks! The mobile patch was delayed a bit by some last-minute bug discoveries with the fix. Still looking to get it out soon, though.

    Once the patch is ready and passes testing, it'll have the following fixes:

    Added button on Options menu to disable tap-to-zoom. Added code to prevent tap-zooming in loading, main menu, and game over screens. Added code to un-zoom screen if
  • New Mobile Patch In the Works, Space Docs, and Legal

    Hey Folks! Tiago and I have been hard at work on bug fixes for the mobile version, and are working to get a patch out asap. Work on the space prototype setting continues. And even some legal action!

    First, the mobile version. We've got a fair number of bugs and improvements collected in this first patch. And while it doesn't solve all the biggest problems, it does solve a

  • Mobile Bugs, Space Prototype Feedback

    Hey Folks! Hope everybody had a good weekend. I did my best to rest-up after the stresses of launching, but couldn't help occasionally dipping back into the dev seat here and there to address questions and concerns. And to kick off an ad campaign or two! (Which you might have seen on Google, Facebook, or Steam.)

    Back at work, the day was mostly spent catching-up on internet

  • Mobile Bug Fixing Ensues

    Hey Folks! As we close launch day plus two, the flurry of PR activity is getting under control. I've caught-up on most of the threads and discussions (and reviews and questions) here and there. And while there are still others I've missed, this is a good time to start bug-fixing.

    I've already had some fixable bugs reported, as well as good suggestions to improve the user

  • Launch Day Plus One

    So far, so good!

    Apart from a pricing mistake I made on Apple's App Store, which was pretty much nightmare-grade screw-up, the launch seems to have been a success! Most users seem to really dig the mobile version (check out those review scores so far!), those affected by the pricing error are getting refunds, and the world is well again.

    We're even getting some good

  • NEO Scavenger Mobile Released!

    Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger Mobile Edition is officially launched!

    After a few stumbles, and nearly a year of development, NEO Scavenger is now available on your iOS and/or Android device of choice. This is the same game you've grown to love/hate on PC, with all the same features, except the UI has been adjusted to work with multitouch instead of a cursor. That means the same