• Art Revision, Flash Fix, Discord, and Design

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours contained 100% less hospital, so that was good. I also met up with some fellow Twitter peeps to have beer for the first time. Yay urban living!

    Back at work, it was a bit of a slow start today. First order of business, apart from the usual email catch-up, was to deal with a Flash bug on the website. Last week's migration to a new

  • Chargen and Encounters

    Hey Folks! Digging further into character generation today, and starting to define an encounter system to possibly run it.

    Earlier in the day, I mainly focused on the sorts of questions chargen is going to answer. What will it tell us about the player? How can it be used in the game? In what order do we need to define things? I perused some of my favorite old pen & paper RPGs for

  • Stations Fixed & Character Generation

    Hey Folks! I managed to wrap-up most of the outstanding bugs on stations and transit today, and decided to start work on character gen!

    The station wrap-up marks the end of my list of observations from when I was last testing the main game loop. The last remaining piece was getting the ledger working, to track player fees, debts, and expenditures when using station facilities. It's

  • Art Style Talk

    Hey Folks! Some exciting news today. As you probably already noticed, I have some new art to share!

    Recently, I asked Emily Siu to help me visualize some possibilities for the space prototype's art style. As much as I love tinkering with pixel art, I'm spread pretty thin already. And even when I have time, I'll be the first to admit I'm just amateur hour compared to

  • Double Airlocks Working Now & Starting Ledger

    Hi Folks! Bit of a broken day today due to interruptions, but I still managed to finish work on the AI/airlock problem. And started work on a new ledger system.

    The AI now uses interaction ranges (where applicable), so they can interact with an object at a specified range from the use point. And for doors, this is a 1-tile range. As a result, I was able to let Nicholson (above) wander,

  • Interaction Ranges, Doors, and Pathfinding

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was mostly good, though it involved a trip to the hospital (visiting family). Everyone is okay, thankfully, but ongoing symptom weirdness have us all a bit confused, if not concerned.

    I guess on the plus side, I got to see the inside of the ER, which was excellent inspiration for designing a spaceship medbay :)

    Back at work, the

  • System Map Jitter Fix, and Double Doors

    Hey Folks! I think I finally figured out a fix for the high-zoom station jitter. It's definitely improved now, at any rate.

    After two-ish days of delving into code, and trying different solutions, jitter seems to be under control. As I was starting to realize yesterday, the issue was rooted in single vs. double precision. However, I was mistakenly thinking it was all due to

  • Plotter Fixes, and Accuracy

    Hey Folks! More work on the plotter today. And unfortunately, also some website battles.

    The website was hit by another "storm" this morning, consisting of a barrage of bot visits looking for (since deleted) spam posts, as well as attempts to create spam accounts for posting new spam. Only a handful of spam accounts got around to posting before I caught it, and nuked them.

  • System Map 2.0

    Hey Folks! The plotter refactor took a turn for the better today, as I was able to get it running with a limited performance hit.

    During the refactor, my mind went to some dark places, let me tell you. Started to have some serious doubts about it, to the point where I almost (key word, almost) felt nauseous. I think it was the idea I had so much up in the air that needed to be nailed

  • Plotter Refactor

    Hey Folks! Deep in the code today, trying to refactor the plotter. After yesterday's gains in performance, I thought it would be prudent to do an early test of the full Solar System to see if it had an effect in performance. And I was a bit crestfallen to discover it still has some performance issues.

    Faced with that, I could either revert all my changes or dig a bit deeper to fix