• Power, Thrust, and Science

    Hey Folks! Going to be a short post today, as I've left news too late to dive deep. Family is waiting for dinner :)

    Early in the day, I spent a bit of time looking into a bandage/wound issue on NEO Scavenger mobile with Tiago, and a DMC map edge bug. And late in the day, I reviewed some of Michael's latest edits to the space prototype's major players/brands.

  • The Great Wide Open

    Hey Folks! I reached a crossroads today, where I've finally finished a major task, and I'm unsure which to tackle next.

    Getting things docked was a major step towards a playable game loop (undock, plot course, engage, watch/manage crew for hours, arrive, dock, enter station, repeat). None of these steps is finished, of course, but most are working well enough to act as

  • Permission To Board: Granted

    Hey Folks! Productive day today. I think I got the docking stuff sorted out. We are officially able to dock and do stuff across ships!

    Unsurprisingly, there was a long list of loose ends and issues to sort out when going from "one ship" to "more than one ship." Some of which, like yesterday, caused the editor to crash, making debugging difficult. And since that'

  • Catch-Up On Mobile, Space Brands, and Crashes

    Hey Folks! Today was a day for all for blog post tags. A little bit of everything, though admin work was the lion's share.

    First order of business was NEO Scavenger mobile. Now that Tiago is situated in his new place and has time again, he's resuming work on mobile issues. So I spent most of the morning triaging the issue list, and helping test a display issue with hex maps.

  • Docked Gas Exchange Is Go

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours included a harvest festival with pony rides, hay bail maze, farm animals, and a pumpkin trebuchet. All on a day with what seemed like the utmost perfect weather. Not bad!

    Back at the office, I resumed work on the docked gas exchange problem. Last week's proposed solution did the trick, but not without a few bumps along the way.

  • Revised Docking Rings

    Hey Folks! More work on the docking system today, as I continue trying to fix the bits that make one docked ship talk to the other.

    One of the first changes today was getting the ship's position correctly updated after it moves. It turns out that while I was moving the ship's parts correctly, I was incorrectly recording the new position of the ship's reference point,

  • Docking Tiles, and Admin

    Hey Folks! Sort of a 50/50 day today, split between admin stuff and the docking feature.

    The quarterly business license tax is due in two weeks, so I decided to tackle that first. That meant updating the books to calculate amount owed, then filing and remitting the taxes.

    Josh's latest piece is basically the last one in the soundtrack, apart from the ending theme. So we

  • Docking Refactor

    Hey Folks! Decided to try and make up lost time on the prototype today, and continue work on the docking system.

    When we last left docking, I was able to load a new ship into the scene, and align it with the current ship so their docking systems mated. This was a good start, but largely only visual.

    Today's task was less about visual and more about mechanics. Today was about

  • Space Brands and Emails

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We seemed to have a paradoxically busy yet lazy one here, running around doing errands and fixing stuff around the house and then vegging out in front of the tv. Weird mix.

    Back at the office, it was mostly an admin day, though a good chunk of it was fun admin. Namely, looking over Michael's latest "Space Brands" work.

  • Docking Initiated, and OOO Monday

    Hey Folks! Made some decent progress today on the docking system. Not "completely operational," as they say, but getting there.

    The first task was to get the game to spawn additional ships, since it was only ever designed to work with one at a time. Fortunately, this wasn't too bad. Just repeating the same steps to load the first ship thankfully "just worked." I