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Overhaul 2.31

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Mods used and credit
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This mods aim is to provide useful and/or optional functions with minimal impact on the vanilla game.

Things like: allowing repairs of a bag you just found at only 1.0%. You'll find more stealth options early game such as camouflage, ways to reinforce vehicles, fix spent air filters, craft some quality arrows, increase selling space at stores, and more. All while still sticking to the idea that this game shouldn't be easier or harder than it is.

If you do disagree with some of what this mod had to offer, most of it is easy to ignore or not make use of so it's like it's not even there. Such as the camouflage, you don't have to make it or wear it.

This mod is more or less intended for people who want a close copy of the vanilla experience, but with a few bonuses that don't change the balance of the game or too much of how it's played. Compared to NSE and MMoD which change the way the game is played noticeably.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • Early game stealth is far from easy, at least it is if your looking to avoid combat. So I added a camouflage coat and tent to the game. These do make it "alittle" easier, but my aim was to provide only a small enough boost to see a difference. If you don't take every advantage you'll still be seen. These just allow "every advantage" to be worth something. To make the coat you must have the hiding skill, to make the tent you must have the trapping skill. When used together you get a bigger concealment boost, and the recipes are added to your "known recipes" list and on this page.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • Selling space at the ATN has been increased via a locker added to the store. This locker has loads of space in it, and anything you put in it you will get money for.

  • The long rawhide coat, now has a pocket sewn on the front of it much like the hoodie. Because the balance impact is minimal.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • Selling space at the Junkyard has been increased via a locker added to the store. This locker has loads of space in it, and anything you put in it you will get money for.

  • C-store sells soda liters now. The liter is just a bigger water bottle, which helps a little when unloading lots of tea.

  • James Parkade decided to include the cost of running water in their price, now you can use their water spigot when you get the van.

  • Ever get frustrated with the hospital for selling you 6 pills because then you either have 12 pills taking up 2 spaces or you have 6 pills when you'd rather have 10? Well they sell in stacks of 5 now, at an equally proportioned price of course.

  • One of the food items in the city increased in cost and but returns are increased, figure out which. This means less monotonous clicking.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • I feel that weight management is tedious, but the only way to carry more is to get Strong, which cost 6 points and might not suit the playstyle your roleplaying. This is where Packrat comes in, for a fair 3 points you can carry as much on your person as you could with the strong skill.

  • Bags wear out fast, and sometimes you find a bag nearly worn out completely. For 1 point Knitwit allows "repair" of the bag and this restores the bag to 100%. Knitwit also allows the bags to last longer, just craft the bag + 30 medium thread + knitwit skill. For repair you must craft the reinforced bag + reinforced bag + knitwit. Makeshift sack and plastic bags excluded.

  • Vehicles are pretty rare, sure you'll find 1 before long but after that it's a potluck. Therefor watching it degrade so fast is heart breaking. Now that you're a mechanic you know how to reinforce them! Travois excluded. To make them last longer just craft Vehicle + 30 small mechanical parts + Mechanic skill. For repair it's Reinforced Vehicle + Reinforced Vehicle + Mechanic skill.

  • Tracking was already a decent skill, but frankly I needed an excuse to make cool walking over rough terrain features. When you get the tracking skill, walking on hills, forests, and other 2 point movement cost terrain now only uses 1.75 per move. This allows you to get one more move in some situations. Doesn't work as intended

  • Crafting the strapped compound bow with the ranged skill + 10 mechanical parts makes it last longer, crafting it with reinforced bow + reinforced bow + ranged skill repairs it. Also, you can now craft hunting arrows, and these specific arrows now stack to 6. The catch is you must have the ranged skill, along with any arrow and two small machine parts crafted with an arrow workbench. This workbench must be scavenged from secluded shacks in the forest.

Merged Mods

Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • Included BBC. Removed some minor bugs, and hid it's intrusive recipes from the scraps of paper found as loot. I also removed it's recipes from the "known recipes" list. Don't fret though, it's really easy to figure out how to use this mod without those. Also I enhanced the "immortal" skill, so that now it also gives you increased movement to make testing bugs and new mod features easier.

  • I put in the Shouldered mod with no changes to it, as none were necessary.
  • Bottle Labels Mod is included as well, with a couple of changes from the original. These changes include mostly that you won't find a pen while scavenging, instead you get the free one with your first urban encounter. They can be bought at the junk store and C-store so it should have no negative impact.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • You can now make use of spent air filters. Requires nothing special to craft but you certainly won't accomplish this early game

  • Ash stacks up to 2. I hate the trapping skill, but this makes it less annoying to me personally.

  • Using a saucepan while making tea makes 3 at a time instead of 1 now.

  • Sauce pan now has storage similar to the soup can, because it makes sense.

  • Ever drink tea and lost track of whether it was 2 or 3 turns ago that you drank it? Well open your conditions screen and look to the right to know exactly how long it's been. (let me know if you want me to add this to medicines as well)

  • That tedious thing, I conservatively took some of the subcategories of the "known recipes" list and renamed a few to something more fitting and easier to navigate when you're looking for something. I've also hidden a few of the redundant ones that any neo player probably knows by heart without even realizing they do. Finally a few of the ones that are already in your "known recipes" list won't clutter the scraps of paper in the world, I was conservative on this as well

  • Slings don't degrade when used now because that thing is so renewable and expendable that it has zero impact on gameplay besides convenience.

  • Noise traps are immune to wear and tear but only if made it with parts that don't degrade (figure it out)

  • Added a ball. When you "use" this ball it inflicts a minor bruise to the player, this allows the "Rest + Heal" button on the left of the screen to show up. This way, if you want the store's items to reset on the next day you don't have to keep pressing space-bar to get to the next day. Doesn't sound like much, but i'm sure some of you understand why this is cool. Also, when the ball is in the player's hand, your vision is reduced to only your hex, so that patrolling friendlies don't interrupt the resting period.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
How to craft anything and everything in this mod. Just put the following in the crafting window.

  • Camouflage coat: Hiding skill + 1 fireproof/waterproof container + 1 heat source + 20 small thread + 2 medium absorbent/non-rigid/non-springy sheets + 3 water (any) + 5 twigs.
  • Camouflage tent: Hiding skill + 1 Trapping skill + 1 fireproof/waterproof container + 1 heat source + 1 large non-rigid sheet + 2 medium or large shaft + 3 water (any) + 10 twigs.
Does this mod work on 1.13? I

Does this mod work on 1.13? I followed the install instructions, but it doesn't seem to load, and the log file shows a lot of missing files(Even though they are there?)

I've tried both zip packs off the download link. =/

I was going to post the log in case you needed it.. but apparently it flags that as spam.

Nevermind, user error. Didn't realize I needed to leave it in "Overpack" directory until I looked at the getmods.php.

can you make a merge with

can you make a merge with Chiko's NSExtended with all that you have already made, i tried the huge merge, but they cut out BBC and it is impossible because it makes double exertion on scavenging with Chiko's and Kaaven's Mighty Mod of Doom it is actually impossible without sacrificing basically every perk for necessity points. Please help, thank you:)

i figured out how to get all

i figured out how to get all of the perk points, i changed some files and got all of the points now, but i still think that the huge merge could either be just done away with and have Chiko and you do a mod or have them just fix the double physical exertion problem, but i think it might be tricky for them since it is tons more mods to rewrite than just to put together your two mods, but if it is too much for you and you have more important business, i would understand. I just want to see it possible to actually play a huge mod merge without the frustration consequences of all of the penalties.

the only good thing is the

the only good thing is the items in mighty mod of doom, not the penalties, except for being dirty, it gets too much to deal with and then having chiko's mod with his physical exertion with mighty mod of dooms physical exertion gets insanely annoying, if you can just get them to abandon the annoying things and keep the red pawn shop, add a costc... i mean probably copyrighted name, so just a shop-mart that sells everything for a third extra the price, less insane then you would expect in prices because they are a solvent company even in the apocalypse, dirtiness, lighter fluid the good items like a dirt bike a bike and a quad maybe even a boat fishing your gallon size water container flares, all of the gunzzzzz yeah this is probably getting annoying for you so ill just sum it up with you seem the guy that would all bring them together and get it done, you seem like your finished modding i think unless you get some more fire, you seem the one that would tie a ribbon on all of the insanity of the many mods and put it into order in a good way, from what i see you are the diplomat of the modders, so if you get the chance please try to do these things with the other modders.

Ok, that good too.

Ok, that good too.

I was thinking, you all

I was thinking, you all probably have a Gmail, and they aren't hard to make, if you could get them all to share a doc and write code in it , you would have like a rough draft, and then you take that and implement it, and if it doesn't work, you will not have as much trouble finding everything since you could color code everything on the docs to see things better, things like that could ease the pain, from taking time away, to not having to blame everyone or anyone since it is not such a huge problem anymore
P.S, you might want to get rid of some of those words, they are a little to colorful for some of our younger clientele in these forums.
P.P.S I could see a day when people have a part of the game written in to decide which mods they want to try, or even it all just being written into the game, it is just a matter of putting all your heads together and doing it without a fuss over who's fault it is, I know it sounds bad out of my mouth, but the truth is the truth. I am trying myself to understand coding, ithis game has inspired me to maybe go into computer coding and other forms of coding as a career, I never thought i would do this, but now that it is in front of me, I feel it is cool and enjoyable for me to discover new things in the codes that I can manipulate to do other things, i am even trying to make a Lord of the Rings style game out of the basic problems in this game, horrible and strange creatures, evil seeming wraiths, like the Merga wraith can be like the Ring-wraiths, and many other things, i could see this game made off of the hardships you must endure to the battles you have to be a great base for this. I'm not that good, so if you like this idea, i would love to see you maybe try using my idea, if you want, otherwise anyone else who reads this must contact me if they wish to use the basic idea.

i can't draw to save my life,

i can't draw to save my life, so i couldn't bring justice to such a mod.

anyway about the modding. understand that while the .xml coding in this game is as nitpicky as any coding software. It's not the same thing. see in neo, the hard background work in already done. learning to code though, is a different story. if you want to learn it, thats fine. but you'll need to hit the books hard, and then learn how to use that knowledge.

coding that is. modding in this game doesn't require any coding knowledge nor much of any how-to so you can get started right away. it just takes a little time to learn how it works

yeah, i see myself becoming

yeah, i see myself becoming first a modder to get a feel for computer stuff, and then taking that step into the ocean, you cant go anywhere if you dont take the first step somewhere you will survive in, thats how i see coding.

i mean i suck at this,

i mean i suck at this, honestly the only thing i am good for is ideas, not the making of it, i have no experience making sprites and making pictures for them, i would need you to explain that stuff, i have only dealt with a little game modding, nothing that cold help me make my own, i would not know even where to begin. So if anyone sees this idea, i would like some credit, but it would be mostly yours to play with because i can't really make it. Also Layarion, i had a great idea for a mod with a special spear that would be used for taking down Skycorps patrol uav's, it is in Chiko's page for his mod NSExtended, it was long so i can't really reiterate the whole thing, but it literally came to me in a dream, so i think it was meant to be made, like seriously tho it was amazing, it shoots out a broad tip spear head, its like spring action with a titanium para-cord and the staff its mantled on is super special military grade hard wood, but you can also make one of the same strength, but "Higher quality" (more valuable in $) if you go into a forest with botany and get a beechwood, or cedar or oak or maple, it is a random chance, but they are very valuable and they make the staff of it more money, also, you can put linseed oil on it and roll it in makeshift or military grade carbon fiber so that when you don't have the connecting of the spring action broad head/ tip spear head it doesn't degrade, then it can be used as a staff, also this mod would include karate moves, my sensei's sensei, Hanchi, is in Michigan and it would make sense for there to be a Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Enclave with Karate masters surviving and kicking some Dogman butt and probably either training you and some wealthy people who can go placesand DMC Guards with high ranks like they might have been military at one point and became something high ranking, anyway they would train you and also teach you Kobudo, this Hanchi i am talking about is from a legit lineage of Karate masters traced back to the teacher who commercialized it to regular people in the 1800's to help the villagers in Japan out from pirates when trading, he was friends as a kid to now with the master and president of Kobudo, and Hanchi is President of the Shorin-Ryu Karate-do so they trained eachother to be masters of eachothers martial arts and now we had learned both, so he also teaches bow and saighs, a bow is a japanese word for the staff so when you dont have the spear end on, you can use it as a bow to bash people up and kill them easily from three and four spaces away, you can jam their foot and bash their head in when they fall or just whack the crap out of them, but anyway you can learn karate moves there so you have the deadliest melee and semi-ranged weapon in the game. The crafting is in Chiko's but here i remembered to add the training part so if you see him there and he is talking, please let him know about that part.

my skill is drawing, i just

my skill is drawing, i just dont know what to do to get to draw

I seem to be having an issue

I seem to be having an issue with the Shouldered features of this mod. Specifically, I can not put Birch Bags on the right shoulder, Crowbars on the left, Anishaanabe bows on the left, nor Duffel Bags on any shoulder at all (I realize this last one is an intentional part of the mod).

Any ideas?

thanks for trying my mod

thanks for trying my mod though, it helps to know that people are trying it

Ah okay. Thanks for letting

Ah okay. Thanks for letting me know! And thanks for the mod :)

I am adding it to EXE

I am adding it to EXE Pathcwork right now. Comments in the code are hilarious ;)

I really like the idea of

I really like the idea of some of the things you've done with this mod. I'm not sure I'm willing to give up NSE to play it though. Would you be willing and able to create a version of the mod that's compatible with NSE if it's not already?

Yes, i'll merge it. but i can

Yes, i'll merge it. but i can't do it until i hammer out the idea's listed in yellow text on the changelog.

i'll post when I've merged it



Please, could you tell me where the code that stops me putting a duffel bag on my back is located?

I have been trying out some mods and that is the only problem I have with your overhaul mod. otherwise, I find it a perfect addition to the game. The duffel bag thing just really bugs me.


You referring to the

You referring to the inability to put it on both shoulders? because it should work for at least one of the shoulders. let me know

I cannot put the duffel bag

I cannot put the duffel bag onto either of my shoulders. I can pick it up and neither of the shoulders glow white. but when I pick up an item with a strap my right shoulder glows like normal. the only mods I have loaded are the overhaul mod and devkit with BBC. my getmods.php file had the overhaul first and the BBC then devkit. I also cannot pick the BBC traits at the start but this is not a big problem as I can use the dev coin to get them.

please help.

So i looked into the duffel

So i looked into the duffel problem, and it seems 2.02c has an oversight. Check back in 15 minutes for 2.02d

As for "I also cannot pick the BBC traits at the start" this was intentional and necessary.

ok it should be working as

ok it should be working as intended now, on the left shoulder

The mod is mow working as

The mod is mow working as expected. thank you for your help. also, I have found that your update of BBC does not currently work with the teleport mod at all. When trying to craft anything the confirm button does not show up properly. Even when not using the merge file supplied with the teleport mod. Any ideas on why it's not working.

could you link the teleport

could you link the teleport mod? I've never used it, but may have heard of it. I have no idea how it works, but i'll look into it. I should be able to figure out the problem. I'll go on the Great List of Mods and look it up, but just to be sure we are talking about the same mod send me a link anyway.

so what your saying it, when

so what your saying is, when you use the warpstone to go to the cryo lab it doesn't work?

update: ok, so i know how to use it. Now to to break it.

update: i need more detail actually:

1)are you using the cheat or normal version?
1a)are both versions broken?
2)what have you currently done to merge teleport with devkit?
2a)just the getmods?
2b)could you please paste the getmods you attempted to use with this combo

at face value it looks like i got alot of work to do. but i haven't dug very deep yet.

I was trying to use the

I was trying to use the teleport mod made by banjo. and my problem was that when I opened the crafting menu and put an ingredient inside the box the confirm button does not show up and the space bar does nothing either. I have also tried loading the teleport mod without the overhaul mod and the same problem occurs. I have since added the depth of Gyges mod and the anatomy mod, both of which are working perfectly. and the comic textures mod which does not work on all items. neither the MmMod or NSE will work at all and stop the loading sequence.

Thank you for your constant help.


my getmods file looks like this with just devkit and teleport.


this is from the getmods file supplied with the teleport mod merged with the getmods file supplied with the devkit.

I have tried looking inside the XML files and even tried to copy the merge file from the teleport mod into your XML for BBC(as far as I can tell I put them all in the right places and changed the right values so they would not conflict with any of the other stuff) the non-cheat version worked normally so I believe that it is just the cheat version that merges with BBC that is broken. and no this has nothing to do with the overhaul anymore. just the devkit merge to teleport.

im working on it now, you'll

im working on it now, you'll have to wait until later tonight though as his mods are always a bit more complicated than other mods(and not always for the better). but i think i can get it working. just still trying to pick apart how his mod works before i start monkeying around.

Oh, and your talking about

Oh, and your talking about DevKit not working with Teleport right? this has nothing to do with overhaul but devkit and teleport issues?

Ok this should get devkit and

Ok this should get devkit and teleport working, will dig deeper later



Yes. it all works well now.

Yes. it all works well now.

I shall fiddle with it till I can get them all working( though I haven't yet decided whether to use the MmMod or NSE)

This stuff seems to be a bunch of over complicated things with some very easy fixes when it goes wrong.

Thank you for your help and patience.

well it gets more complicated

well it gets more complicated when you add other mods built like banjo's. it's very confusing to say the least. I'm going to see that i can get teleport+devkit+overhaul working without issue.

just incase, this seems to

just incase, this seems to work with all 3


&strModURL4=Overhaul MoD/Overhaul
&strModURL5=Overhaul MoD/0


warning you: i think teleport mod's 0 or override folder might be out dated. dunno what side effects that'll have on your gameplay, but there weren't any obvious ones in the 60 seconds of bug testing.

MMoD aims to make the game harder, NSE just adds all sorts of stuff. i'd say start with the harder one and then switch to NSE when you play MMoD. don't try to combine them both, possible? yes, but not without making major changes that change the intended experience of either mod. same could be said of combining overhaul with MMoD, not so much NSE.

Sorry, it's me again.

Sorry, it's me again.

While I was looking through the XML files for the overhaul mod I found the coding for some Negative traits, and I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be in the game or if you removed them and just forgotten to take the code out? just that they don't show up at all in the game while both of the Positive ones do.

Also, I have managed to add in the depth of Gyges mod, the shouldered mod, GEM and the police mod(All on the great list of mods) and as far as i can tell in half an hours testing they are working as expected.

i removed them and found it

i removed them and found it easier to just leave them in the code. i felt they were unbalanced.

when i finally release 2.03 you'll have to integrate overhaul again because major changes have been made on every level of the mod. so, just don't do anything that's a heavy time investment if i were you. which i started working on again yesterday

thanks for the shout. I was

thanks for the shout. I was just starting to try and make a fix to the overhaul mod so it would work with science&sorcery. but if you are making a new version then I will just leave it out for now. that just saved some hair pulling and time. looking forward to playing the new version, can't wait to see what you add/change.

if yo go to the changelog you

if yo go to the changelog you can see what i got planned and what I've finished so far. not much of it is "new" per say but it will def break any mergers because a lot of behind the scenes work was done

It's done! 2.3 (or maybe ill

It's done! 2.3 (or maybe ill name it 3.0) will be released tomorrow night! read the changelog on section "2.3" to see what's coming.

It's released. Hope you like

It's released. Hope you like it, if you want help merging it with some things i might help. No promises

Just a heads up to anyone

Just a heads up to anyone using Overhaul 2.30 on Linux (and possibly OSX) stuck on 'loading images...', I had to open Overhaul/Data/getimages.php and change the last few so they matched the files in the img folder ie: change:




Also made this as the K didn't look capitalised to me (although that might have been intentional): IMAGE(


will fix after this tv show

will fix after this tv show

Bah wtf, everytime i try to

Bah wtf, everytime i try to make it lowercase windows auto caps each word. wtf

update: ok so the lesson is don't try to update things while the file is still in a cloud.

Thanks for donating the image

Thanks for donating the image, in the future it's easier for me to shrink a x2 image. Blowing the non-HD image up to x2 just results in a blurry image.

update: But adjusting the method uses made it not blurry so never mind.

file name for arrowbench corrected and new image added in 2.30a.



Capital P :)

fixed. 2.30b

fixed. 2.30b

Hey I've been playing this

Hey I've been playing this mod again :)

Just noticed that tracking doesn't seem to affect my rough terrain move speed.

ill look into it, and you

ill look into it, and you list any other skills you have, items that alter anything, or mods you might have merged?

and is it all rought terrain or is it specifically just hills, or specifically just forest?

so i can confirm it's not

so i can confirm it's not working. there are a lot of issues with how the game handles the code and basically i might have to remove this feature all together simply because i've exhausted all attempts to get it working as intended.

but before i do that, i'll see if maybe i just missed something.

i removed it, see the

i removed it, see the changelog for further reasons

I just want to ask if put NSE

I just want to ask if put NSE and MMoD back into Overhaul, I looked through the change-log to try and find out if you did or not but I found was something saying coming soon, not yes they're in or no they're not.

no i haven't, i just get

no i haven't, i just get split between so many different projects. i want to do it, but maintaining it is a lot of work. everytime one of the mods updates, i gotta apply the updates to them all. which means 3 times the chance for human error, 3 times the chances for bugs.

one day i probly will, but right now i'm trying to get Return To Krondor to run in windowed mode so that i might stream it on twitch

OK, just wanted to check.

OK, just wanted to check. Good luck with the other stuff.


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