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NEO Scavenger - Free Demo

Welcome to the NEO Scavenger free demo!

Below, you'll find the demo build of NEO Scavenger. You can download a copy to run on your machine locally, or click the link next to "BROWSER" to play in your browser.

NEO Scavenger Game Builds
Download Latest Stable Demo
Download Demo as a Windows .zip
Download Demo as a Linux .tar.gz
Download Demo as a Mac .zip
Download Latest Stable Beta
Click here to play in resizable window. (launches new browser window).

If you have any feedback about the game, such as:

  • having trouble accessing the game
  • encountering bugs in the game
  • general feedback about the fun factor or difficulty

please post about it in the NEO Scavenger forums. Have fun! And if you enjoyed the demo, and want more, check out the purchase page to see how you can play the full version!

What are the differences between the demo and full version?

Looking for other ways to support NEO Scavenger? Help out by spreading the word! Tell your friends!