NEO Scavenger - Feature Voting

Help me make the game you want! Supporters of the NEO Scavenger project can vote on features they would like to see next.

Below are new features currently up for discussion, along with their relative popularities among supporters. Every time a person becomes a supporter, I can work a little bit longer on the game. And casting your votes below tells me which direction you'll appreciate the most!

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Feature Popularity
More Vehicles
Winter Tiles
Add more scavenge locations
Add more weapons.
Add scavenger obituaries/leaderboards.
Name your character.
Find player corpses on the map
Add more creature types
Add more craftable items
Add more clothing variety
Add more plot encounters

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Disclaimer: To be clear, feature votes do not represent a contract to work between voters and Blue Bottle Games. Votes are only used to gauge fan interest, and development on NEO Scavenger will progress in a manner determined solely by Blue Bottle Games. That said, everything up for voting here is a feature I'd like to work on, so there's a good chance frontrunners here will get more attention. I am mainly looking at feature popularity compared to feature complexity/effort required. I just wanted to be up-front with everyone so expectations are tempered!