Stay On Target...

Almost there...ALMOST THERE...

Actually, we're kinda there. Apple has approved the iOS version, and Google (reportedly) automatically vets the app before letting you launch it. So I think all that remains is for me to click the launch buttons on each site at just the right time (i.e. guess) to make them appear to the world simultaneously. And then...hope for the best?

Tomorrow morning, I'll likely do this pretty early in the day. And once I've verified they both launched, I'll begin sending announcements out on all channels.


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Woo! Finally! :P

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Yeah, we were waiting for a long time:)


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Is the game compatible with Android 6.0?


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Yesss great! My plane ride tommorow is 12 hours long and this is the only thing i'll be doing.

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So... Today? (I think I might explode)

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What about Google's approval?