iPad Pro 10.5 Crashing

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iPad Pro 10.5 Crashing

So I downloaded the game, and started playing it, (very wonderful game) but it is crashing for some reason? I have not purchased the full game yet so am playing the demo, so it leads me to a question.

From what I have gathered, I think that you can play most of the game just with the demo, but purchasing the full version unlocks a bit more content in the game, is this true, or is the demo ending, I do not understand? I am playing on the Ipad Pro 10.5 on IOS version 10.3.3 any suggestions would be helpful, I would be willing to purchase this game if I can figure out the reason for the crashes. ^^

Hi Valbunny, I apologize for the crashing. I've heard a few folks report crashing so far, but I'm still looking into the cause.

Can you recall any other details about the crashes? Do they occur consistently when you do something? Or are there any hints I can use to try and replicate the crash on my end?

To answer your questions about the demo, it has limited content, no save functionality, no music, and a limited map. However, it has no time limit, or limit to how many times you play. So the demo shouldn't be "ending." It sounds like the crash is a bug you're running into.

Once I figure out how to cause the bug reliably, it's usually not too hard to fix it. The tricky part is figuring out how to cause it on-demand. Let me know if you have any clues or hints!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

From what I can see, they are completely random, however I will spend the next few days trying to recreate the crashes and provide all information I discover. Thank you for the response. :)

This bug also seems to be ocurring on my game, however it is the full version that is being affected.
When the game crashes i see nothing on my screen beforehand as i was just moving tiles but when i go back on my save game on occasion i see a dogman where there was not one before but only during midday where i can see the furthest. i believe this issue may be caused by enemies on the map spawning.

Also normally when it crashes and i have autosave on (and i often do) i am able to go back on the game just fine and continue from where i was but this last time i have lost my save probably due to it being corrupted but would just like you to know. Thanks for continuing to update your game

I have a reliable crash on Ipad. After crafting a sled w/ strap, taking it off the crafting window, and immediately from crafting go to my inventory I crash every time. I can list off all the variables like items on my character, location, inventory, status effects, etc. if you want.

Thanks for the heads-up, folks! I think I may actually have a fix ready for this, and am in the process of testing the patch. It seems to be related to crafting with containers:


I ran into a similar crash when playtesting, and it was a really tricky bug. Some combinations of items worked fine, while others crashed. But once you found the right combo, it crashed 100% of the time.

There's just one issue remaining in the patch, and that's saving data on iOS to avoid wiping data between updates. Once that's done, and if the patch looks good, I'll release it to the public.

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey just checking in to let you know you fixed my crash. Thanks a lot dev :)

Awesome! Thanks for following-up to let me know.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games