Docking Tiles, and Admin

Hey Folks! Sort of a 50/50 day today, split between admin stuff and the docking feature.

The quarterly business license tax is due in two weeks, so I decided to tackle that first. That meant updating the books to calculate amount owed, then filing and remitting the taxes.

Josh's latest piece is basically the last one in the soundtrack, apart from the ending theme. So we discussed what's next. I think the next step is for me to get enough of the gameplay in place so I can hook up the music to appropriate cues, and then see how it feels in practice. The soundtrack is already a bit longer than planned (84 minutes), and accordingly, a bit more expensive. So I'll carefully weigh the benefit of adding more music once I get a chance to hear it in action.

Tiago's been offline a bit longer than expected as he moves apartments, so the next mobile patch is taking longer. However, he thinks he can be back on it starting next week.

Finally, I did a bunch of website admin stuff this morning, getting it ready for some software patches. The Jibe are going to have their dev contact me when he's back so we can discuss rollout strategy.

Once all that admin stuff was off my plate, it was back to the docking system. I figured out the weird tile displacement due to ship rotation. And it basically had to do with my assuming all ships were at 0,0 on the screen. Ship positions needed to be accounted for, and doing so made both the main and docked ship tilemaps look more sensible.

Then, as I tested a bit more, I discovered a bug in opening/closing doors. Two bugs, actually.

First, the door was offset each time it opened or closed. And this turned out to be world vs. local coordinates. The new door was being added to the world correctly, but upon being assigned as a child of the ship, it got offset by the ship's coordinates. Unity has a flag to toggle this effect, and I was using the wrong flag value when parenting the ship to the new door.

The second issue is visible in the image above. After opening the door, two swaths of new tiles gets added to the screen: one shooting to the right, another below. As of now, I think this is also a local vs. global coordinates issue, as these tiles would've been necessary if the door was added to this spot while the ship was at the origin. But since the ship is not at the origin (due to being docked), the game things new tiles need to be added to the ship to cover this new door item.

Basically, it's padding the old ship's tilemap for the new door as if the ship is in that lower right quadrant of the screenshot above, by adding some new rows along it's top and columns to the left of the old ship position.

Shouldn't be a lot of code to fix, but may require some careful calculations.

So that's where things are now. Hopefully, I'll get to take a crack at this tomorrow!


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A mobile patch? :O

You'll probably figure it out!

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Yep. Still plenty of mobile bugs to sort out. Most of them are minor, but some folks still get crashes (and occasionally, lost save data).

I also want to see if we can enable mods somehow, so we'll be experimenting with that.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I do hope mod support will work! Vanilla gameplay gets a little meh after a while.

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