Actual vehicles?

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Actual vehicles?

Yes,we have vehicles in the game,but wouldn´t it be nice if we had actual vehicles,along the lines of cars/bikes/whatever else
They would need fuel(or batteries if someone decides to make this and makes an electric car)
And they wouldn´t use any points,and you could probably ram people with the cars
They would be found like broken(maybe along the lines of the Day R Survival cars)
And you would need parts and the skill to fix them
example:Broken sedan found rarely next to Houses,Trailers,Residential buildings,office buildings and extremely rarely next to destroyed houses
In crafting 20 small parts.mechanic, Car battery(also would be an item) with power,and maybe some other things
Broken Pick-Up : same as above but more parts
Broken Van :same as above but more parts
Broken bike:A less rare find.would spawn in all searchable locations(except forest and flat land)
needs 10 small parts and mechanic
Broken motorbike:same story, 15 small parts
Would degrade slowly,could also need tires/oil
What do you guys think?IS this a good idea?
Also they would need tools(like the Pearson Multitool)

Yeah I agree with that and it won't be too hard to implement either but it's probably too overpowered since the combat advantage, storage, and shelter.

It sounds awesome and it would be, but it would also be too OP, specially when it comes to combat, maybe if it was extremely hard to get one working and the gas ran out quickly it could work, but then the combat wouldn't be challenging. It depends on how it works on combat, but it would still be a fun mod.

yes,that is true, maybe gasoline would be very rare, and you would need new engine parts( which would be a b*tch to find)