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Bugs Decimated, New Site Update

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Hey Folks! It was a super productive day today, I'm happy to report. Lots of bugs solved, a possible solution on the horizon for one of the remaining major bugs, and a new website update!

The bug squashing began with changing the way auto sort works on mobile. The teensy button was really hard to hit with touchscreen, and especially so on smartphones. And there wasn't enough room to make the button bigger in each of the places it got used, since it could appear in some tight UI spots like between backpack and shoulder grids, or between ground and paper doll info.

Cursor Modes, Grid Placement, Auto Sort

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Hey Folks! A few more bugs fixed today, as we try to reach issue-count: 0. (Or at least, issues above 6 severity: 0.)

I managed to figure out what was wrong with my cursor mode tray toggle, and got that checked-in today. As is often the case with game code, simplicity solved the problems. It was trying to do tray in/out logic in two places, and they ended up stepping on each other's toes. Consolidating that logic in one place did the trick.

Wrists Fixed, Debugs Suppressed, Cursor Toggle Expandable

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Hey Folks! Busy day today. And I mean actual dev work!

I spent a good chunk of the day weeding through our issue list and closing what I could. A couple of tasks were in "Verify" status, and were able to be closed by referencing some inbox messages I had from testers.

I also discovered why my iPad 3 was haunted. It was, I'm afriad, because I am an idiot. I tried to verify the bug on PC using 16:9 mode, but the bug only appears in 4:3 mode. Once I realized that, I could reproduce (and fix) the bug.

Haunted iPad 3, and Bug Run-Down

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Hey Folks! Mainly testing and bug management today, as I ran through the latest test build on my Android phone and iPad 3.

I'm starting to think my iPad 3 is haunted. I've now found a second bug which only seems to affect my iPad 3: paper doll wrist slot sprite is in the wrong place. My Android phone, and even the debug PC build, are both fine. All use the same build number. And I even deleted/restarted/reinstalled on my iPad without any luck. Tiago says it was working again for him, too, so I don't think it affects his devices.

Triage, Updating Records, and New Buttons

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We kicked serious housekeeping butt during ours. Fixing, cleaning, and otherwise getting our house in order. We used Trello :)

Back at the office, I was off to a late start as I had some further account-updating to do. New addresses, confirmations, and phone calls. Plus some invoicing and organizing.

Once that was done, I turned my attention to the GitLab issue list. Over the past month, several of the tasks had started to stagnate, and the issue weights were coming into question. It was all in need of a refresh.

Light Testing, and Role Playing!

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Hey Folks! As some of you may have seen on twitter, today was a bit special and unusual. I did some honest-to-goodness role-playing! With actual people!

Admin Day

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Hey Folks! More of an admin day today, and less gamedev.

The admin tasks were mostly financial in nature. Invoicing and paying invoices, and updating account info now that we've moved.

I also sent some feedback to Josh on his latest track. I think it's mostly on target, but I want to see what he thinks about reducing the intensity/volume at a couple points in the track where it might overpower the game audio.

iOS Strikes Back, and Website Woes

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Hey Folks! Bad news. It appears iOS is back to haunt us again, this time with a weird crash bug. And for added coolness, it only affects my iPad 3!

It seems that spending 60 seconds on any given encounter or hex map screen causes the game to crash to home screen. Other screens are fine, just those ones are affected. And it doesn't affect my Android nor PC builds, nor anyone else as far as I can tell. Fun!

We also had some brief demo version achievement regressions, among other things. But I think we have most of them figured out.

Paper Doll Update, IAP Testing

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Hey Folks! Sorry for the late news today. Errand-run this afternoon went long. Though I picked up some office plants to start helping with the air. I don't know what it is, but this room has a funk to it. It could be partially new carpet, but there's another layer to it. I think the lack of any air flow at all (not even a heating vent) has something to do with it. That, and I probably smell bad :)

The paper doll update is what I was talking about yesterday, and basically boils down to this:

Accounting, and UI Rework

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was wall-to-wall home projects as we installed shelves, cleaned things, and generally continued the long-tail of moving in. The office is now a step closer to complete, but still a ways off.