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Main Menu Mockup

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Hey Folks! Bit of a feedback/admin today, so not a lot to report in terms of features.

I think I'm getting a better handle on Michael's next task and its requirements, which is good. And hopefully, we'll be able to get those up and running soon to see what works and doesn't in the AI system.

Homeworld Selection Running!

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours involved another trip to the Museum of Flight where we toured some sections we previously missed: early flight and space programs. Equally full of inspiring stuff!

Homeworld Selection Revised

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Hey Folks! Still working on the homeworld selection screen, and it's starting to take shape.

As you may recall from yesterday's news, I originally forgot to include space for the stats that come with each choice. And my initial idea to fix it was some sort of graffiti. However, Rovlad made a good point in the comments about it maybe being unclear, and suggested tooltips. What's more, I realized overnight that defining that graffiti in the data might be really problematic, what with style and position/rotation differences in each text bit.

Homeworld and Strata Selection

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Hey Folks! I apologize for the lack of news yesterday. I had an afternoon meeting off-site, and wasn't back until late. I did still get some work done, though, both yesterday and today.

Emily sent her first few main menu mockups to me for guidance, as she figures out the best composition, color, and lighting. Those are coming along nicely, and I look forward to sharing her progress there.

Chargen Map, and Orange Jumpsuit

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Hey Folks! Managed to get some gamedev done today, resulting in the new character generation room you see above.

As you may recall from a couple weeks ago, I want to try creating an in-game room for managing character creation. The player can walk around the room to various stations where they can edit their character before beginning a game, and this room is setup sort of like an airport waiting area before they board their ship.

Main Menu Mockups, and Crew Avatars

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Fairly low-key here, though we did sneak in an afternoon at the Museum of Flight, which is always fun. I really need to spend a day over there without the toddler, though, as she tends to flit from one place to the next too fast for me to soak it in.

Today was mostly about getting Emily setup for her next task: the main menu.

Portrait Improvements, Coveralls

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Hey Folks! Finally got a bit of time in the editor today, to catch up on some of Emily's latest work. There was a brief window of tax work during the day, but I was thankfully able to be fairly productive otherwise.

As you can see in today's screenshot, I finished importing the latest portrait assets. The main thing here was to get all the face parts aligned consistently across each type. Since they all share the same vertices, bones, and animations, it's best if the sprites used have boundaries and features aligned.

Top-Down Sprites, Interactions, and Taxes

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Hey Folks! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday. I was out of the office for longer than expected, and didn't have much time to write upon returning. Not a lot to show off yesterday anyway.

Today was only a little better, as I spent the majority of my day preparing tax stuff. Most of my paperwork is already with the accountants, but there are a few extra things I needed to assemble this morning. Foreign account stuff, home office deduction calculations, that sort of thing. I think I'm nearly done, though, so hopefully it's only minor things from here out.

Face Consolidation

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Hey Folks! A bit more work on faces today, as I tried to get the new assets aligned a bit more consistently for rigging purposes.

Early in the day, I had some feedback for Emily (top-down sprites) and Michael (interaction texts), plus some other admin catch-up to do. And once that was done, I had a few "next tasks" from which to choose. On one hand, I could try and finish the new portraits. On the other, I could return to character generation.

New Portraits Animated

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was pretty frigid here in Seattle (by Seattle standards, anyway). Even had a bit of snow! And we have officially become pansies who can't stand the cold anymore. Shivering around the house with blankets on. Our former Edmonton selves would be so ashamed :)

As you can see from today's image, I was finally able to animate Emily's portraits! She sent the pieces to me this morning, and I hooked them up to the old face rigs to see what it looked like: