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Final Testing, and Some Orbital Experiments

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was gorgeous here this weekend, and we took every opportunity to enjoy the weather. It almost felt like a vacation!

Back at the office, I had to do a little bit of admin work to catch-up, then see about to final tests on NEO Scavenger mobile. Our main bug is seemingly solved, and we're just waiting to see if any esoteric iOS devices have issues. That, and there are a few smaller changes coming in a new build for better user input (e.g. swiping). But once those are done, we might be ready for launch? This could be it!

Mobile Rendering Fixed? For Good?

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Good news, everyone! It looks like Tiago was able to finally squash the rendering bug in mobile!

His latest change successfully detects the device type, and enables or disables High DPI rendering mode accordingly. And so far, all testing points towards a success! His iPad 2, my iPad3, and several iPhone models are all showing correct behavior, and no crashes now.

Plus, as an added bonus, one of the input bugs on the main menu went away with it. Woohoo! A two-fer!

Making Downloads Work

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Hey Folks! More webdev work today, as I started migrating the download system into the live test server.

It started out pretty straightforward, as I checked-in the files, uploaded them to the server, and began testing. I had a few bumps as I changed things to work in the new environment (e.g. adding some code to bootstrap the content management system on a stand-alone PHP page).

Webdev Unlocked

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Hey Folks! Another webdev day today, and probably at least one more in store. Today's tasks were twofold: establish access to the test server, and setup the order template.

Webdev Setup, and Some Orbital UIs

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Hey Folks! Still a bit of downtime as Tiago finishes up the DPI-switching code, so I continued my resurrection of the orbital plotter prototype today. I now have the orbit plots aligned with the display center, and scaled to "kiss" the edges of the display. This will be my default 100% zoom of an orbit, from which I can start scaling up or down to represent zooming in/out.

Hope for a Crash Fix? Plus New Track, and Orbits

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We decided to have fun this weekend, as opposed to unpacking/cleaning/fixing the house. Hawaiian poke, gourmet cupcakes, pho, and lakeside burgers were among the highlights. Yum!

I apologize for the lack of news Friday. Part of said weekend o' fun involved quitting early Friday since there wasn't much on my plate for once.

Fix Fake-out, Crafting Fix, and Store Updates

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Hey Folks! We had a brief celebratory moment this morning when we thought the crash bug was fixed. But after more testing, it appears there was a false success. My iPad 3 is still crashing intermittently when on encounter screens.

What's interesting, though, is that this is even after fixing memory leaks. The memory footprint was rock-solid for several minutes before the crash, and no spike/allocation could be found prior to the crash. It just...crashed. (This was using XCode's Instruments, no less. So I'm fairly confident in the metrics.)

Memleak Is Back, and Brought His Minion, Crafting Bug

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Hey Folks! No fix for the iPad 3 crash bug yet, but the situation is developing.

It turns out this may be a memory leak after all. Tiago got his hands on an iPad 2 for testing, and while the timing is different, the outcome is similar. He was also able to spot some weird memory usage patterns. Up until now, I've erroneously thought my iPad 3's memory usage was stable, but could confirm in my latest tests that it was going nutso. Like MB/s increases and then garbage collection.

Setbacks On Two Fronts

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Hey Folks! Unfortunately, both the iOS and website situations experienced some setbacks today.

The draw call optimizations Tiago recently made haven't stopped the crashing on my iPad3. We think it has affected the rate, possibly for the better. But we're still seeing crashes in the ballpark of 1-5 minutes on encounter screens, and 0:40-2:00 on the hex map. Still short enough durations that regular users will hit them in normal play.

Building On OSX, Draw Call Culling

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did some local neighborhood clean-up volunteering, and yet another round of home improvement/move-in/cleaning. So pretty busy! We celebrated our hard work by getting tipsy on a bottle of Semillon, eating cheese, pickles, and bagels, and watching Arrival. Would do again :)