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Relationships and Events, Code Clean-up

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Hey Folks! Still working on relationships today, and edging closer to how it relates to events. Also, did a bit of tidying up in the code.

Yesterday's NPC generator had a few issues to solve before it would run, but seems to be doing the job now. I also had to add a bit more homeworld data to the game so it could select one at random.

Main Menu Variant, and Random NPCs

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Had a few nice mornings for a family walk in a nearby public garden, did some minor house work, and rediscovered Dark Matter on Netflix. So not too shabby on this end!

Back at the office, Emily sent her latest round of main menu revisions. Included among them was the recolor you see above. We've been almost exclusively painting everything dark blue so far, so this is a refreshing take. And it does wonders separating foreground elements from the background.

Names and Relationships

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Hey Folks! Now that the career UI is a bit more stable, it's time to tackle the next steps towards getting us launched into a new game. I took a step back for a moment to assess what that might be, and I can think of two things that are above any other priority to get things going:

1 - How did you get your first ship?
2 - Who are your friends and enemies?

The first defines what vessel we start in, and therefore the basic playing field. It defines where we can go, how many can come with us, and what we can generally do in the System.

Career Bugs, Content, and Taxes

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Hey Folks! Bit of a mixed bag today, split between dev work and admin.

The admin was the usual monthly taxes and payroll stuff. Which fortunately didn't take too long.

Then, back in the prototype, I was able to march through most of the bugs identified yesterday without issue. I got nearly to the point where the career selection was working, but none of the chosen skills were sticking. The code all looked fine, but each new career didn't keep track of previous careers' skills.

It turns out that the game didn't have those skills yet!

Career UI Functional, But Buggy

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Hey Folks! More work on getting the career UI up and running today. It was the first day of actually testing the UI, fixing bugs, loading, and testing again. And progress is good so far.

As you can see in the image, several of the screens are now running. Though you can also see several bugs yet to be fixed. (Well, maybe you can see. They're really tiny in that shot.)

Career UI Coding

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Hey Folks! Pretty much wall-to-wall coding today, so I got a lot done. Was pretty burnt-out by the end of the day, too. The brain definitely feels like a muscle when it does the same heavy lifting over and over for too long.

Anyway, I think I've got each of the major pages coded up now, and the next step will be to give it a test run and iron out the kinks. It actually went fairly smoothly, despite the complexity of the system. I think it helped that I had certain chunks of reusable code organized to build upon.

Main Menu Progress, and Career Coding

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Had a nice visit with some friends Saturday, where we had drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and played turn three of a Pandemic Legacy game. Averaging about 13 months per session so far, so we're aiming to improve that :)

Today was mostly about catch-up with some email, and then a bit more career system coding.

Career UI Implementation

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Hey Folks! The UI is mostly mocked-up now. I think it covers about 80% of what I want, and I expect it'll be more fruitful for me to get the thing running before noodling with it some more. So I started coding it up today.

Your First Ship

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Hey Folks! More work on the career history UI today. I've nearly got the structure in place, enough for a first draft anyway. And I hope to get it live with data soon.

In today's screenshot, you can see two important screens from the process: the career details choice page, and the career detail results page.

Career History

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Hey Folks! Working on the next character creation UI today: career history.

The top-down sprite for this was a yellow kiosk/counter, as I was sort of picturing a job board of some kind. However, after a bit more perusing for ideas, I saw an image of a "build-a-resume" kiosk at an employment office, and thought that sounded more appropriate. So I set about creating a kiosk screen for compiling the player's career history, in the most utilitarian, boring government UI way possible :)

The rough workflow will look something like this: