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I Made an iOS App! And OOO Rest of Week

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Good news, everyone! I was finally able to compile the iOS on my own laptop today!

If you've been following these posts over the past 12 months, you've probably seen me gripe about not being able to compile NEO Scavenger Mobile for iOS. PC is easy. Android is easy. (And doable on a PC!)

But iOS? NOooooo. You need an Apple running a certain version of OSX and XCode and provisioning/certificate gobbledygook. And even then, XCode doesn't really work with Haxe out of the box, so some finagling is required.

Mobile Fixes, Bugs, More Fixes

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Hey Folks! Today was mostly a mobile day, as Tiago submitted his latest test build. It included his fixes for loading URLs and swiping.

So far, the fixes seem good! I was able to load websites in the browser (even PDF manual link worked), and the link to rate the game opened directly in the app store instead of a browser. The only thing left there is to setup the rating request to happen at a good time, and only one time.

World-Building, and Mobile Fixes

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I enjoyed a nice Father's Day weekend with the family, visiting the ocean, looking at old cars, eating yummy foods, and shopping at a retro video game store. Oh, and we bought a ladder. 'Cause that's what dads do, right?

Tiago sent me some updates today on his progress, and it sounds like he's got URL actions sorted out! As a refresher, this fixes the way the app opens URLs such that it uses the native browser instead of a browser-within-the-app. The benefits of this are two-fold:

Basic Course Plotting Done

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Hey Folks! I had another solid prototyping day today, and was able to keep plugging at the flight computer.

Today's work included a fix to the ship projections overshooting or backtracking due to precision errors in the code. I also added code to make the planet projections match the same time steps as the ship course, plus one extra to represent the planet's final position when the ship arrives. (Ideally, at the same place.)

Main Menu Music, and Course Plotting

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Hey Folks! I had almost a full day of prototyping today! And Josh's latest menu music is in.

The prototyping mainly centered around plotting a course to a destination, using some of the tools I've been building in the plotter so far.

Orbital Plot Interaction

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Hey Folks! Short day today as I had to watch our daughter while Rochelle took an exam across town. But I was still able to churn out a few new things on the orbital plotter.

The first thing was to get the same "onion skin" effect on the ship as I added for planets yesterday. The reason for this was to see if it would help predict future positions of the ship vs. a target planet, and allow the user to plot a course that worked.

Last Few Mobile Bugs, and Flight Planning

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Hey Folks! A little bit of catch-up this morning before jumping back on the orbital plotter.

Tiago sent me his latest update, and we're basically down to 3 issues, and two procedural tasks for me to do once the launch is initiated. In other words, we're almost good to go!

Of course, we'll still need to test these latest changes. And flipping the launch switch has a series of steps and things to wait for. But this is about as close as we've ever been!

TotalBiscuit, Taxes, and Orbital POR

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. And if you were still waiting to pull the trigger on NEO Scavenger, hopefully you saw the chrono.gg sale yesterday.

Today Only: NEO Scavenger Only $3.50 at chrono.gg!

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Folks! For the next 23 hours, NEO Scavenger is available at chrono.gg for only $3.50!


Deal ends at 9am Pacific, June 12th!

False Alarm! Site Relaunch Postponed

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I bet you thought the new site was launching today. Fooled you!

And as it turns out, fooled me, too. We were on track to flip the switch today, when the lead dev went into labor early. We sort of thought we had a few days until then, which is why we were aiming to do it yesterday and today. Buuut...nature waits for no website :)