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AI UI: Improved Edition

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I apologize for the lack of a post on Friday. Our fridge bit the big one Thursday night/Friday morning, and we were scrambling to get the house back in order. Fortunately, we have temperature controlled food again, and no longer have to store our perishables in the cold wilderness like savages.

A lot of today was spent catching-up on emails that had collected during my absence. Though I did finish up a bit of UI work I started late last week. Namely, making the AI GUI a bit clearer.

UI Spitballing

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Hey Folks! More experimenting today, as I messed around with ideas for showing what's going on with AI on the ship.

In today's screenshot, there's a new UI feature to show the currently selected AI. It only shows up when AI is selected (and not, for example, a door). The rough idea is to give a bit more situational info about what this AI is currently experiencing. It's pretty self-explanatory, but I'll go clockwise from the top left.

Motley Crew

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Hey Folks! We're definitely making headway on the crew portraits.

As you can see from today's image, I finally figured out how to texture swap. After a couple of hours of failing to do things the "right" way, I just hacked some code to do it my way. (Basically, exposed a texture property that would otherwise be private on each SpriteMeshInstance.) And it worked!

Face Swapping

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Hey Folks! Gradually getting there with the live portraits feature. Getting faces to show in the right part of the UI, as well as getting some variety to them.

It's Getting There!

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a pretty normal family deal for us, which was nice in some ways. And thanks to the recent Steam sale, I've been logging hours in Stellaris. Enjoying it so far! (Though my first empire crumbled upon the first war.)

Getting back to animated faces, I think we're making good progress. When I left off on Friday, I was a bit discouraged by a really rough-looking Akiko face. The new rig I setup to fix things actually looked a bit uglier.

Face Animation, Part 2

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Hey Folks! More work on faces today. Yesterday's test was a fairly good proof-of-concept, but still had a long way to go before it could be used in production. Adding a second face (the "Akiko" one in today's screenshot) to the mix showed a lot of deep flaws in the animation. Yesterday's face (let's call him "Jones") had some significant shape differences that weren't compatible with Akiko.

Face Anim Test

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Hey Folks! Decided to do a bit more facial animation/expression work today, adding some more poses and features. Plus, I grabbed one of the sample faces I made before and converted it to work with the face rig. Here's a preview:


There are a few things going on here.

Facial Expressions for Crew Portraits

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Hey Folks! I did tech art today! I know that probably sounds unexciting to most, but it's sort of a significant coincidence for me. Tech art is basically the thing that got me into the games industry, and my first job at BioWare. It covers a lot of things, but is basically like a dual-class artist/programmer. Someone who can create art content and tech features to amplify them (and/or tools to create them).

Character Drama, and Caffeine.tv Stream

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Hey Folks! Busy day today, so not a lot of work to show. However, a lot of thinking/planning about character drama, so I dug-up some character art ideas for today's screenshot.

NEO Scavenger iOS and Android v1.2.8 Released!

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Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger Android and iOS have just been updated to v1.2.8 (build 4412). Builds should be available soon on Android and iOS pending store approval.

The following updates are included in the patch: