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Completing a Plot, and ATC Chatter

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Hey Folks! Work continues on completing our first test plot. And Michael's air traffic control (ATC) script is ready!

When we left off yesterday, we could reach our quarry in the bartender snitch plot. But we weren't able to do anything once we got there. So today was mostly about adding the means to wrap-up that plot by telling a law enforcement officer (LEO) on the same station about the target. And as usual, bugs were discovered along the way :)

Tracking Our Quarry

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Hey Folks! Another round of bug fixes and stability improvements today, followed by a near successful plot run!

More Bug Fixes While Testing Plots

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Hey Folks! Still discovering a fair number of bugs as I test this plot functionality.

One of the first bugs found was when I returned to the test mode without any planets loaded. Since that only has one chargen station loaded, and social contacts was explicitly trying to avoid that station when spawning new people, I ran into a null pointer bug.

Docking, Plots, Bugs, and Performance

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Hey Folks! A pretty wide range of coding work today, as I tackled a series of smaller tasks that should hopefully add-up to more stability, speed, and easier game testing.

Earlier in the day, work mostly involved fixing bugs. I set the docking range to 4000km so I could dock more easily to test plots, started a new game, and immediately hit a few bugs. First, I had to add code to prevent new social contacts from spawning in-station with me while I did character creation. Since, basically, they'd be destroyed as soon as I finished :)

Microplot Cleanup, Ship Docking

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was made more exciting by regular B-17 Flying Fortress passes overhead, and (I think) maybe a German Stuka. We're not far from the Boeing Museum of Flight, and I suspect this is the season for air shows and historic aircraft tours.

Back at the office, there was a flurry of email and forum catch-up across various sites, and then it was back to the prototype.

Microplot Handling

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Hey Folks! Finished-up the first draft of the social contact list UI and returned to plots for more testing today.

The social contacts UI now has a more legible format, with each contact listing their current relationship, and past events that led to this. The event list used to be really wordy with lots of redundant info, but not it's more like "Met during: Hulk salvage." I also needed to add this data to save files for loading later.

Social Contacts, Data Fixes

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Hey Folks! Continuing work on the game's social/plot system again today, and fixing things along the way.

Performance, Orbit Labels, and Social Contacts

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Hey Folks! More work on performance optimizations today, along with some orbital plotter and social contact work.

Code Cleanup and Performance

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Hey Folks! I decided to do a bit of code cleanup and performance optimizations today.

I started out fixing a few bugs, and managed to fix a pathfinding issue I introduced fixing another path bug. So far so good, but as I transitioned into testing the plot system again, I realized I was dreading loading the full game. It takes close to 13 seconds to go from the main menu to a fresh game world, and several seconds to just load a flyable ship. Furthermore, whenever AI is moving around the ship, there is a ton of hitching and stuttering.

Main Menu Video!

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Hey Folks! I finally had a chance to record some footage of the main menu in action. It's an otherwise slow news day, so perhaps this makes up for it :)

Thanks, Rovlad, for reminding me!