space prototype

Main Menu Progress, Ship Selection, and Mobile Bugs

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Hey Folks! Today was largely about getting detailed feedback to Emily about the main menu, as well as a bit of coding on both ship selection and NS mobile.

As the main menu approaches completion, we're nailing down the remaining details and getting it ready for in-game use. Today's screenshot is the latest iteration from Emily, with some paint-overs I did to show some feedback.

Ship Selection Screen, Interaction Review

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Some good family time for us, as we held egg hunts, saw a cool variety show, and had some yummy meals. Also, we started exercising as a family, which is a bit painful. But it should hopefully slow my atrophy, stemming from sitting at a computer each day :)

I don't know if I've found the final solution to the ship selection process, but I think I have a working plan for now. The first piece of it can be seen above in today's screenshot.

Career Refinements, and the Road to First Ship

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Hey Folks! Spent most of the day further refining the career process, and trying to get that to funnel into starting the game with a chosen ship.

There were a few more validation steps I had to add. One problem was that players could continue previous terms instead of just the current one. Also, they could choose the same skill twice in the same term.

Career Events and Contacts

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Hey Folks! I've got career events and contacts up and running, and I'm working out the kinks now.

As you can see in today's image, I've confirmed my first term as a Shipbreaker, with certain skills. And as a result of that career, I earned a few contacts. Jacqueline is a criminal from Virginia on Titan, and Barbra is a criminal from Newcal. Looks like I run in some seedy circles :)

Data Explosion

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Hey Folks! Most of today was spent barfing data and code into the engine, and I feel a bit like I'm now managing/cleaning-up the mess.

After work yesterday, I started to have some ideas for how to model relationships in the game. Which is good! Since I was having some real trouble nailing that down. But in the wake of that decision, a huge amount of new data types, logic, and content followed, and not all of it feels solid. However, it's a pretty sudden lurch forward towards working character generation, so that's also a good outcome.

Relationships and Events, Code Clean-up

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Hey Folks! Still working on relationships today, and edging closer to how it relates to events. Also, did a bit of tidying up in the code.

Yesterday's NPC generator had a few issues to solve before it would run, but seems to be doing the job now. I also had to add a bit more homeworld data to the game so it could select one at random.

Main Menu Variant, and Random NPCs

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Had a few nice mornings for a family walk in a nearby public garden, did some minor house work, and rediscovered Dark Matter on Netflix. So not too shabby on this end!

Back at the office, Emily sent her latest round of main menu revisions. Included among them was the recolor you see above. We've been almost exclusively painting everything dark blue so far, so this is a refreshing take. And it does wonders separating foreground elements from the background.

Names and Relationships

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Hey Folks! Now that the career UI is a bit more stable, it's time to tackle the next steps towards getting us launched into a new game. I took a step back for a moment to assess what that might be, and I can think of two things that are above any other priority to get things going:

1 - How did you get your first ship?
2 - Who are your friends and enemies?

The first defines what vessel we start in, and therefore the basic playing field. It defines where we can go, how many can come with us, and what we can generally do in the System.

Career Bugs, Content, and Taxes

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Hey Folks! Bit of a mixed bag today, split between dev work and admin.

The admin was the usual monthly taxes and payroll stuff. Which fortunately didn't take too long.

Then, back in the prototype, I was able to march through most of the bugs identified yesterday without issue. I got nearly to the point where the career selection was working, but none of the chosen skills were sticking. The code all looked fine, but each new career didn't keep track of previous careers' skills.

It turns out that the game didn't have those skills yet!

Career UI Functional, But Buggy

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Hey Folks! More work on getting the career UI up and running today. It was the first day of actually testing the UI, fixing bugs, loading, and testing again. And progress is good so far.

As you can see in the image, several of the screens are now running. Though you can also see several bugs yet to be fixed. (Well, maybe you can see. They're really tiny in that shot.)