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Mobile Patch Incoming, and More Docking

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Hey Folks! Sorry for the missed news yesterday. I had to finish work early due to some family colds. And I'm in a bit of a hurry today, too, since they're still getting better.

Tiago was able to finish a batch of bug fixes for mobile today. And I added one or two as well. (Unsure if they made the cut-off time, though.) He's wrapped-up test builds for iOS and Android, and we'll be testing those soon to see if they're good to release. Hopefully, those will reduce several crashes and bugs folks are seeing on mobile!

Bridging the Gap Between Docking and Flying

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Hey Folks! More work on the docking system today. Still trying to get the transition from flying to docking sorted out so that it's both sensible and interesting.

I started the day working on more code to query available stations, and setting up a UI to show those. But as I did, it started to get way out of hand. The list of ports was in a separate text readout near the docking ring display, and I was starting to write all this logic for showing what was currently docked to the ship, what was close enough to dock, and what was currently on-screen.

Integrating Docking UI

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Hey Folks! Back at the docking system today. Focusing on getting it to display properly based on game data, and for the UI to control said game data.

Some of the earlier work from today involved getting the UI to show the various docking states appropriately. So when you're out of range, there's no docking ring to align. When you're getting close, the target ship's ring appears and you can control alignment. And when docked, everything is aligned and locked. This also includes toggling the appropriate indicator lamps and button.

GUI State Machine, and OOO Tomorrow

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Hey Folks! More GUI work today, getting the multi-GUI system working for interactable items on the ship. Yesterday, I got multiple GUIs to load, and almost switch based on user input. Today, I firmed-up that system and can now switch rapidly between them.

It was a long slog, though.

Multi-Panel GUIs

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Hey Folks! More work on GUI systems today, as I further integrated the docking system and orbit UIs into a whole that the game can use.

Individually, the UIs do most of what they need, but I now need the ability to switch between them for more complex tasks (like docking/undocking). Users are going to be doing things in one panel, and need to switch to another quickly to affect another ship system, then come back again. All (ideally) without having to exit one ship station, and walking the AI to another station.

Docking Sim

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Hey Folks! Work continues on the docking UI today, and I've got it doing most of what I need now. The next step is to integrate it into the overall game so it acts on real game objects instead of placeholders.

Docking System UI

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It was a cold one, here. By Seattle standards, at least. We even had some snow! Rainy, windy, messy snow that fell but did not stick. And as a result, mostly indoors and errands this weekend.

Back at the desk, I decided to try and setup some controls for docking. With the game starting docked at Ceres Station, we'll need a way to undock. And by extension, a way to dock again. And since the navigation computer isn't really the place for that (and is getting crowded anyway), I'm setting up a new UI.

Ceres Station: Permission to Launch

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Hey Folks! Another big step towards completing interplanetary travel today: starting the game docked at Ceres Station!

As most of you know, the last several weeks of work are aimed at getting some sort of core game loop up and running. And a bare-bones summary of that loop looks like:

Reactor Feed and Shutdown

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Hey Folks! More reactor work today. Was a bit more productive today, tackling a few more necessary features of the reactor system: drawing fuel/propellants, and shutting down.

Course Plotting and Propellant

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Hey Folks! Bit of a short day today, as I had an errand to run this afternoon. I did, however, get a bit more work done on the course plotter.