Getting There...

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Hey Folks! We're finally starting to get somewhere with the navigation console. (Pun intended.)

Today was still a lot of behind-the-scenes type work. Fixing bugs in the code, improving functions, exposing data in one class that I need to reference from another. All with the aim towards letting the player direct an AI to the nav console, open it, plot a course, engage, and then continue on around the ship doing stuff.

Separating Nav Station from Star System

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Hey Folks! It's a code day today, and most of my day looked something like the screenshot above (taken from the Navigation Console UI).

The main thrust of today's effort was getting the star system simulation to be a separate thing from the navigation console's simulation. There's a lot of overlap between what the navigation station and star system need to do. Things like keeping track of ship positions, planets, moons, gravity, and updating all of this over time.

Nav CPU Installed, and Admin Day

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Hey Folks! A bit of a split day, today. Roughly half spent on admin work, and the rest on the space prototype.

The nav CPU was the focus of the dev work, as I continued yesterday's attempt to get it installed on a ship and able to be raised by crew. And the good news here is, that finally works!

Nav Station Implementation

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Hey Folks! I was able to spend some more quality time with the space prototype today, trying to bring together the orbital plotter, voxel nav console, and crew sim.

First order of business was to get a voxel model done for the console, and I decided to just get a basic captain's chair for now. It's missing the screen and some other decorations, but it's enough to get the point across. And for me to see how voxel models look in engine.

Lore Building, and Still Android Issues?

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Hey Folks! Hope your weekend was better than mine. The whole family here was hit by some sort of uber head cold, and we're all a coughing, sniffling mess. Needless to say, it was neither a productive nor enjoyable weekend. Though, it appears we are all on the mend now, more or less.

NEO Scavenger Android v1.2.7 Released!

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Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger Android has just been updated to v1.2.7 (build 4408). Builds should be available soon on Android pending store approval.

The following updates are included in the patch:

  • Fixed frequent save-game crash that affected some Android device+OS version combinations.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed tap to simultaneously pick up item and trigger UI button (such as crafting tab).

The main reason for this patch is to fix a major crashing/save bug introduced in v1.2.5 which affected some Android users.

Android Patch, and Moons

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Hey Folks! We may have a patch to address the Android crashes and save issues introduced in v1.2.5. Tiago put together a new build this afternoon which uses a more reliable way to find a good save path, and we're currently testing it with a few beta users. If this works, it should make saving crash-free on all Android device+OS version combos, and we think that's the main cause of crashes folks are experiencing.

Assuming the tests come back successful, we'll proceed with rolling the patch out asap! (Fingers are crossed!)

Orbital Plotter Love

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Hey Folks! While Tiago works on the Android save patch, I decided to try and get some more prototyping done on the plotter. And it's getting pretty close to usable.

One of the most obvious changes today was switching the line renderer to use colored solid lines instead of textured lines. I like the visuals slightly less, but it allows me to prototype a lot faster if I can just plug color values in rather than making new textures for each new color.

Android Save Issues, and Gravity

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Hey Folks! Still working through the recent Android issues resulting from patch v1.2.5. Though I did get a little prototyping done, as well.

The save issue looks like it might be a result of the new file path we're using. It looks as if the path we chose works on some devices (such as our own testing devices), but not others (see the app reviews). Furthermore, there was a discrepancy between the save path and the load path, which probably made things worse. Again, some devices resolve both paths equally, others must not.

Android Woes

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Hey Folks! Hope you had a good weekend. Among other things, yard work featured in mine. I discovered just how ineffective a spade can be in hard clay. And to make matters worse, there appears to be a gas line somewhere near where the hole needs to be. And tree roots. Oof.